Eternal Flame Falls in New York

Tucked deep within Chestnut Ridge Park, New York, is a small waterfall called the Eternal Flame Falls. The waterfall is so called because of a simple phenomenon – a natural gas leak just underneath the falls that just happens to be burning. The flame is not really "eternal" in the sense that it goes out occasionally. Often it is re-lit by the next hiker that finds it extinguished.
Chestnut Ridge Park is situated on 1213 acres of the northern face of a series of hills sandwiched between the Eighteenmile Creek and West Branch Cazenovia Creek valleys in Erie County. The park itself is a superb summer family destination containing miles of hiking trails, cycling paths, several playing fields, tennis courts, and a wealth of picnic facilities and shelters. Eternal Flame Falls, despite being located within the park boundaries, is off on the fringe, away from the crowds, and most directly accessible from a trail that begins on the southern edge of the park.

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Mesmerizing Winters



एक इन्डियन और एक पाकिस्तानी एक स्टोर में एक साथ घूम रहे थे...पाकिस्तानी ने वहाँ से तीन चोकलेट जेब में रख लीं और बाहर आ गया...

बाहर आकर पाकिस्तानी बोला " देखा मेरा कमाल...?? मैंने तीन चोकलेट जेब में रख लीं और किसी को पता भी नहीं चला..."

इन्डियन बोला " क्या तुम इससे बेहतर कमाल देखना चाहते हो...?? "

पाकिस्तानी बोला " ठीक है तो दिखाओ...."

इन्डियन बोला " मेरे साथ वापस उसी स्टोर में चलो...."

दोनों स्टोर के अंदर चले गए....इन्डियन उस पाकिस्तानी को साथ लेकर स्टोर के अंदर जाकर स्टोर के मालिक के पास गया और बोला " क्या तुम जादू देखना चाहते हो....?? "

स्टोर का मालिक बोला " ठीक है दिखाओ...क्या जादू है....?? "

इन्डियन बोला " मुझे पहले एक चोकलेट खिलाओ...."

स्टोर के मालिक ने उसे एक चोकलेट दे दी और इन्डियन ने वो तुरंत ही खा ली और बोला " मुझे एक चोकलेट और दो...."

स्टोर के मालिक ने उसे एक चोकलेट और दे दी और इन्डियन ने उसे भी तुरंत खा लिया और बोला " एक चोकलेट और दो..."

स्टोर के मालिक ने उसे तीसरी चोकलेट और दे दी और इन्डियन ने उसे भी तुरंत खा लिया और बोला " हो गया जादू....."

स्टोर का मालिक बोला " ये कैसा जादू है....?? मुझे तो इसमें कोई जादू नहीं लगा...."

इन्डियन बोला " जो चोकलेट मैंने खाई हैं...वो मेरे इस दोस्त की जेब में हैं....."

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Hypnotic animations of Erdal Inci

Hypnotic animations 01 Hypnotic animations of Erdal Inci


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Bizarre Methods of Human Sacrifice

Mankind has always had a semi-violent nature as its driving force. Over the years, people have obsessed over finding the best ways to dispense of adversaries as well as win conflicts amongst each other; however, not all human violence existed merely for warring purposes. Human sacrifice is known to have been a fundamental part of many historic “civilizations” for a large variety of reasons. Although most human sacrifice was carried out for the sake of religion, at times their cruelty hardly seemed worthy of the purpose.
Warning: some of these forms of sacrifice are downright cruel, so if you aren’t interested in learning all of the gritty details, stray away whilst you may (as they say).
Without any further ado, here are a few of the most bizarre forms of human sacrifice that have ever been practiced by mankind:
Buried Alive
In early pharaonic civilization, pharaohs, once deceased, were buried along with their many servants (who were possibly still alive at the time of burial). This was done in accordance with the belief that they could serve their ruler in the afterlife. Evidence found by certain archaeologists suggests that the servants who were to be entombed with their ruler were in some sort of drug-induced state when this happened. I guess the drugs took their minds off the fact that they were walking to their deaths as they entered the tomb.

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Religious Thought 108

Love never claims, it never gives. Love ever suffers, never resents, never revenges itself.
- Mahatma Gandhi, 1925

Subhuti asked: "Is perfect wisdom beyond thinking? Is it unimaginable and totally unique but nevertheless reaching the unreachable and attaining the unattainable?" The Buddha replied: "Yes, Subhuti, it is exactly so. And why is perfect wisdom beyond thinking? It is because all its points of reference cannot be thought about but can be apprehended. One is the disappearance of the self-conscious person into pure presence. Another is the knowing of the essenceless essence of all things in the world. And another is luminous knowledge that knows without a knower. None of these points can sustain ordinary thought because they are not objects or subjects. They can't be imagined or touched or approached in any way by any ordinary mode of consciousness, therefore they are beyond thinking."
- Prajnaparamita

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Training to be a Man

Old Russian Precious Icons

दु:ख भरी कहानी

मेरी दु:ख भरी कहानी सुनो..
मुझे पता था कोई मेरा दु:ख नहीं समझ सकता... 

Most Awesome Pregnancy Projects Ever

Amazing Photographs with Optical Illusions

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Why you need to apply for a new cheque book ?

Why you need to apply for a new cheque book ?

Considered to be a major milestone in the history of Indian banking, Cheque Truncation System (CTS) aims to make cheque clearance more efficient and reduce the clearance time of cheques to one day, thereby trimming down the floating time considerably. India processes as many as 1.2 billions cheques annually and therefore, the implementation of this system would drastically cut down the waiting period involved. The system will be implemented nationwide from January 1, 2013.

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Maternal instinct

Maternal instinct: Moving images showing mother animals carrying their young in their mouths in Kenya

Caught between the jaws of a leopard is not a position you want to be in - but if it's your mum it's probably not that bad.
When this leopard cub was picked up between its mother's teeth it delighted London photographer Paul Goldstein who had waited 20 years for the snap.
He has spent several months each year studying and photographing predators in the Masai Mara nature reserve and has captured lions, cheetahs and even a mother hyena carrying their young along the way.
Jigsaw piece: This photo of a leopard carrying her cub is what Paul Goldstein has been waiting for to complete his collection shot over 20 years
Jigsaw piece: This photo of a leopard carrying her cub is what Paul Goldstein has been waiting for to complete his collection shot over 20 years

Mind blowing yoga poses

Religious Thought 107

For Brahmins confused those who regard them as separate from the Self. Kshatriyas confuse those who regard them as separate from the Self. The universe confuses those who regard it as separate from the Self. Gods and creatures confuse those who regard them as separate from the Self. Everything confuses those who regard things as separate from the Self.
- Brihadaranyaka Upanishad

Consider movement stationary and the stationary in motion, both movement and rest disappear. When such dualities cease to exist Oneness itself cannot exist. To this ultimate finality no law or description applies.
- Seng-tsan, "Verses on the Faith Mind"


Cute and Funny Gifs with Cats


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