Lines behind truck in India

Lines behind truck in India

In India, it’s hard to find a single truck or commercial vehicle, which doesn’t have something funny written on its back side. Here I’ve collected some best funny lines for your amusement -

(1) Found on a TATA Van :

First Line – “HAM DO HAMARE DO”

Next Line – “Sonu, Monu, Chinky, Pinky & Pappu De Papa Dee Gaddi…”

(2) Found written on the back of a TATA Magic (Chhota Hathi) :

“Papa, Main Bhi Bada Hokar Truck Banoonga !”

(3) Best Line on a School – bus :

“Mujhe Naa Chhed… Mai Toh Bachchon Wali Hoon … !”

(4) Found on the back of a Truck :

“Buri Nazar Waley …. Teri Lugaai Bhagey !”

(5) Another funny line found on a truck :

“Jalo Mat Bhai … Gaadi Kishton Mein Lee Hai … !”

(6) And this one is really scary, found on a truck on Delhi roads :

“Jatt Risky … After Whisky !”

(7) Another funny one on a truck :

“Yeh Lo … Gaya Tera Phoopha !”

(8) Line on a Mini-bus :

“Chal Bhaag Basanti … Peechhe Kai Ghode HinHinaa Rahe hain !”

(9) Written behind a truck :

“Buri Nazar Waley, Tere Bachche Jiyen … Bade Hokar Desi Piyen !”

(10) And this one is a LAJAWAAB SHAYARI found on a truck :

“Kaun Kehta Hai Ki Maut Aayegi Toh Mar Jaaoonga… Dilli Kaa Driver Hoon, Cut Maar Kar Nikal Jaaoonga !”

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