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नर्स प्रेमिका

नई-नई नौकरी पर लगी प्रेमिका नर्स ने प्रेमी को बताया - हॉस्पिटल में मुझे कोई नर्स नहीं कहता।

प्रेमी- तो क्या कहते हैं।

प्रेमिका-सब 'सिस्टर कहते हैं।

प्रेमी (चुटकी लेते हुए) : पर खयाल रहे, अगली तरक्की में कहीं 'मदर मत बन जाना।

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कैप्शन जोड़ें

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Religious Thought 137

It is a fool who blames the sun for his own blindness.The scriptures even proclaim aloud: There is in truth no creation and no destruction; no one is bound, no one is seeking Liberation, no one is on the way to Deliverance. There are none Liberated. This is the absolute truth. My dear disciple, this, the sum and substance of all the Upanishads, the secret of secrets, is my instruction to you.
- Shankaracharya

The mind is like the wick of a lamp illumined only through its own radiance.
- Milarepa, "Drinking the Mountain Stream"

Animated Images 173

Melting Ice Glacier

Majestic glacier towers over Arctic landscape in extraordinary pictures of ice melting into the ocean

  • Breathtaking images captured by photographer Hans Strand, 57, on journey through Greenland, Iceland and Norway
  • Mr Strand covered more than 1,000 miles of ocean on his daring expedition
  • The Swedish tutor says he was once almost killed by a collapsing ice cave in the dangerous North

These remarkable pictures show water crashing from a melting glacier 160 feet into the ocean at the Arctic Circle. 
Tiny seagulls flitting around the frozen landscape and fishermen's trawlers dwarfed by gigantic icebergs emphasise the awe-inspiring scale of the scene.
The images were captured by Swedish photographer Hans Strand, 57, who took his life in his hands by exploring the extreme climate of the inhospitable north on a small ship.
Ice sculpture: The frozen water forms unique shapes on the water in Svalbard, as brave photographer Hans Strand sails past on his small shipIce sculpture: The frozen water forms unique shapes on the water in Svalbard, as brave photographer Hans Strand sails past on his tiny ship

Scenic Beauty

Nature Wallpaper

The Evolution of the Wheel [Infographic]

evolution of the wheel resize1 The Evolution of the Wheel [Infographic]


Впечатляющие ледяные скульптуры (14 фото)

Beauty Of Winter

Baby Animals








Animated Images 172

Animated Images 171

Stunning Animals Wallpapers

Extreme Body Paintings

Nadja Hluchovsky an incredibly talented makeup artist and body painter from Vienna, Austriam, created this stunning body art. All of these body paints are extremely creative tells us about the out of the box thinking of Nadja Hluchovsky. Enjoy her talented work and get inspired.


Scene during the Kumbh Mela, India, 1953

Good Morning, bom dia, Buenos Días, Günaydin, bon Matin, καλημέρα, Buongiorno, god morgon, صبح بخیر, доброе утро, صباح الخير, 早安, सुप्रभात, મોર્નિંગ સારું, குட் மார்னிங், گڈ مارننگ‎

bura mat type karo...



Religious Thought 137

What is the cause of the cosmos? Is it Brahman? From where do we come? By what live? Where shall we find peace at last? What power governs the duality Of pleasure and pain by which we are driven? Time, nature, necessity, accident, Elements, energy, intelligence-- None of these can be the First Cause. They are effects, whose only purpose is To help the self rise above pleasure and pain.
- Shvetashvatara Upanishad

Let us not talk of karma, but simply of responsibility toward the whole world.
- His Holiness the Dalai Lama, "Imagine All the People"

Stunning Skylines Around the World




Images of Africa Through Her People


Animated Images 170



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