A Refrigerator that runs without electricity

London: An Oxford electrical engineer has come up with a refrigerator that runs without electricity. Not his own idea. He has based it on a model invented by Albert Einstein in 1930.
Einstein and his colleague, Hungarian physicist Leo Szilard, patented a fridge that had no moving parts and used only pressurized gases to keep things cold. The idea is to eventually stop using modern refrigerators, which use gas that harm the environment. They work by compressing and expanding greenhouse gases called freons — far more damaging that carbon dioxide.
Almost every household in the developed world owns a fridge and its sales are rising as demand increases in developing countries.
Malcolm McCulloch, an electrical engineer at Oxford who works on green technologies, is leading a three year project to develop fridges that can be used in places without electricity.
The Einstein-Szilard model design was partly used in the first domestic refrigerators but the technology was abandoned when more efficient compressors became popular in the 1950s.
Einstein and Szilard’s idea avoids the need for freons. It uses ammonia, butane and water and takes advantage of the fact that liquids boil at lower temperatures when the air pressure around them is lower.
“If you go to the top of Mount Everest, water boils at a much lower temperature than it does when you’re at sea level, and that’s because the pressure is much lower up there,” says McCulloch.
At one side is the evaporator, a flask that contains butane. “If you introduce a new vapor above the butane, the liquid boiling temperature decreases and, as it boils off, it takes energy from the surroundings to do so,” says Mc-Culloch. “That’s what makes it cold.”
He is not the only one interested in environment-friendly fridges. Engineers working at a Cambridge-based start-up company, Camfridge, are currently using magnetic fields, instead of gas, to cool things.
Managing director Neil Wilson says: “When the magnetic field is next to the alloy, it’s like compressing the gas, and when the magnetic field leaves, it’s like expanding the gas. This effect can be seen in rubber bands — when you stretch the band it gets hot, and when you let the band contract it gets cold.” IANS 

First pictures

First pictures: Man who had face eaten off by 
drug-crazed 'zombie'

WARNING: Graphic content

Ronald Poppo
Helped by docs ... Ronald Poppo

THESE are the gruesome first pictures of the man who had his face chewed off by a crazed “zombie” cannibal.

Please Feed Them

Photos that Shook the world

Photos that Shook the world : Baby Stuck in balcony in Chin

6th June 2012 

This is the dramatic moment a Chinese toddler came terrifyingly close to a deadly plunge - after getting his head stuck on a balcony handrail while his parents were out.
The young boy had wandered towards a fourth floor balcony in an apartment building in Guangzhou, China, only to get his head wedged in the handrail.

But after exploring the view in his parents apartment, the boy's accident left his head jammed between the railings - and his body dangling perilously over a 40ft drop.

The dramatic scenes continued when neighbours below climbed up towards the boy to prevent him falling to his death.
A man dressed in a yellow t-shirt was spotted climbing up from a balcony below along window grid bars, before supporting the child with his feet as the infant tried to haul himself back indoors.
And within minutes of the terrified toddler being spotted, a crowd had assembled at street level with a large yellow blanket at the ready to catch him if he fell.

After several minutes of wondering if the child would survive or fall several stories, the youngster eventually managed to pull himself back into his home.

Top 10 Amazing Moons

Our solar system has over 200 moons orbiting planets, dwarf planets and asteroids. Of the moons our solar system supports, there are many that have amazing features. Here is a look at 10 of the most amazing moons our solar system has to offer:
Nereid was discovered in 1940 by Gerard Kuiper. It is Neptune’s third largest moon. It has the most eccentric orbit of any moon in our solar system. Because of this, the distance between Nereid and Neptune vary greatly. At its closest, Nereid is a mere 841,100 miles away from Neptune. At it’s farthest, it’s 5,980,200 miles away. Because of how far away from Neptune Nereid’s orbit takes it, it takes 360 Earth days to complete one full orbit around the planet.

Running Style and Your Shoes [infographic]

सजा-ए-मौत देने के सबसे क्रूरतम तरीके

अपराधियों और राजनीतिक प्रतिद्वंदियों की हत्याएं करने का चलन दुनिया में काफी समय से है। शासकों द्वारा कैद किए गए अपने प्रतिद्वंदियों और किसी अपराध के दोषी को बेहद क्रूर तरीके से मौत के घाट उतारा जाता था। दुनिया की अलग-अलग जगहों पर सजा देने का तरीका भी अलग होता था, जो काफी क्रूर और खौफनाक होता था।

इतिहास का अध्ययन किया जाए तो आपको मालूम चलेगा कि मौत के यह तरीके किस हद तक दुखदायी और यातनापूर्ण होते थे। न्याय प्रक्रिया का हिस्सा होने के कारण ऐसे कठोर दण्डों को समाज द्वारा स्वीकार भी किया जाता था।
तस्वीरों में देखिए सजा-ए-मौत देने के सबसे क्रूरतम तरीके 

भारत के टॉप दस स्लम्स

'अर्बन डेवलपमेंट' किसी भी देश के इकोनॉमिक डेवलपमेंट का एक महत्वपूर्ण हिस्सा है। लेकिन, शहर बनने के साथ ही वहां अत्यंत गरीबी हालत में जी रहे लोगों की गंदी बस्तियां भी विकसित होती हैं, जिसे स्लम्स कहा जाता है।

इन स्लम्स में रहना बहुत मुश्किल काम है। गंदगी के अंबारों के साथ तंग रास्तों वाले इन जगहों में रिसर्च करने पर यह पाया गया कि यहां रहने वाले लोगों की आय का मुख्य जरिया स्ट्रीट वेंडिंग, ड्रग डीलिंग, घरेलू कामकाज और वेश्यावृति है। 

आजकल एक शब्द बहुत सुनने को मिल रहा है- स्लम फ्री सिटी। किस तरह से किसी शहर के स्लमीफिकेशन को रोका जाय, यह चुनौती है और इसपर योजनाएं बनाने की कोशिशें जारी हैं।

देखिए, भारत की दस गंदी बस्तियां-
PHOTOS: भारत के टॉप दस स्लम्स


ALl of these scenic views prove that we live in a beautiful world. 
1A Beautiful World


They say that clothes make the person, but after viewing these snapshots I think you'll agree that eyes are not only windows to the soul, but really help define a person.
Eyes Have It

Divorced Tortoises

Tortoises end their 115 year 'marriage' after female starts attacking her male mate

A pair of zoo tortoises who have been partners for 115 years have sadly broken up - marking the end of what could be the world's longest animal 'marriage'.
Long-time lovers Bibi and Poldi, both giant tortoises aged 115, have been together since just after their births.
But zoo workers at the Reptilienzoo Happ in Austria have had to separate them after female Bibi started attacking mate Poldi.
Tortoises Bibi and Poldi who have been partners for 115 years have broken upTortoises Bibi and Poldi who have been partners for 115 years have broken up

New Species of 2012

A species is one of the basic units of biological classification and a taxonomic rank. A species is often defined as a group of organisms capable of interbreeding and producing fertile offspring. No human knows the exact number of species in this world and every year many number of species are being found. Till this date more the 100 million species are found on this earth. Now, let's take a look the top 10 new species of 2012 which was chosen by scientists from 200 nominated animals and plants. 

Some Weird and Wonderful Hotels in the World

For the average traveler, a hotel room is merely a rest stop, with the real adventure starting once you leave its comfort. But in these hotel rooms from sea critters to freezing temperatures trekkers do not have to look beyond their enclosed walls for a thrill. There may be many weird and unique hotels in this world. But these are selected hotels which gives not only an unique look but also some boost for adventure. 

1. Capsule Hotel, Japan

If you are claustrophobic, opt against the Capsule Hotel in Japan. True to its name, the space-saving, dirt-cheap accommodation is a stack of fiber glass blocks, measuring 2m by 1m by 1.25m, with just enough room to sleep in. Despite the cost-saving, overnight solution, the hotel is fully equipped with wireless, TV and communal laundry rooms.

Top 10 Longest Bridges in the World

A bridge is a structure built to span physical obstacles such as a body of water, valley, or road, for the purpose of providing passage over the obstacle and to ease the traffic. Here we specified only about the longest bridge in china - Danyang–Kunshan Grand Bridge since china holds most of the top longest bridges in the world . Now, let's take a look at these top ten longest bridges in the world. 

10. Seven Mile Bridge

The Seven Mile Bridge, in the Florida Keys, runs over a channel between the Gulf of Mexico and the Florida Strait, connecting Key Vaca (the location of the city of Marathon, Florida) in the Middle Keys to Little Duck Key in the Lower Keys. Among the longest bridges in existence when it was built, it is one of the many bridges on US 1 in the Keys, where the road is called the Overseas Highway.

Chiang Rai: Wat Rong Khun - The White Temple

Wat Rong Khun (วัดร่องขุ่น) also referred to as the "White Temple", (unlike Thailands numerous ancient and historical temples) only began to be constructed in 1997/98 under the supervision of Thai artist, Chalermchai Kositpipat.
Chalermchai designed and supervised the construction of this beautiful white temple and its many statues.
Intended by Chalermchai to be a learning and meditation centre, where people can practice dharma and benefit from the teachings of Lord Buddha.
The temple is decorated with small pieces of mirrored glass which add to the spacious, airy feel. The white temple is best viewed in strong moonlight if the opportunity arises.
Wat Rong Khun is located about 10 kms (6 mi) south west of Chiang Raiwt2

Deadly Beauties

A very interesting list of world's deadliest snakes.Coral Snake, North America

Amazing House Inside a Hill

This amazing and unordinary underground house was designed by Dutch architecture firms SeARCH and Christian Müller Architects and it is situated somewhere in mountains of Switzerland. 
The house is embedded in the side of a hill and can be seen through a big elliptical opening. Interior looks rather minimalistic, but interesting nevertheless.

Hot Air Ballooning Over Cappadocia’s Incredible Landscape

Cappadocia is an area in Central Anatolia in Turkey with the most dramatic landscape in Europe. Over thousands of years, wind and rain eroded layers of sandstone and consolidated volcanic ash to form the lunar-like landscape with fairy chimneys rock formations. During the 4th to 13th century AD, occupants of the area dug tunnels into the exposed rock face to build residences, stores, and churches which are home to irreplaceable Byzantine art. Because of the unique geological, historic, and cultural features, Cappadocia is a popular tourist destination, and hot-air ballooning is a favorite sport.
The Cappadocia region was formed as a result of volcanic eruption approximately 9 to 3 million years ago. Over hundreds and thousands of years, the sedimentary rocks and deposits from volcanoes were eroded into hundreds of spectacular pillars and minaret-like forms, that reach heights of 40 meters. Within these rock formations people have excavated a network of caves which served as refuges, residences, storage and places of worship dating from the 4th century. The tunnel complexes formed entire towns with as many as eight different stories hidden underground, making it one of the world's largest cave dwelling complexes.


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