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Combine ingredients together gently and carefully, using faith and vision.

Mix together with strong belief of the outcome until finely blended.

Use thoughts, words and actions for best results.

Bake until Blessed.

Give thanks again

Yield: Unlimited service

Most Courageous Dogs

It is often said that dogs are the only animal capable of love, usually by people who have been snubbed by an overly snooty cat.  However, time and time again, dogs have shown throughout history that they can not only show love, but the cold hard determination we’d come to expect from hardened soldiers.

10.  Laika

Laika holds both the most inspirational and most depressing titles on this list: the first animal in orbit and also the first animal to die while doing so.
A stray originally named Kudryavka, Laika proved that living organisms were capable of surviving the launch process and subsequent orbit and weightlessness.  Laika only places tenth because her bravery wasn’t her own choice; Laika’s survival was never expected and the true nature of her death was covered up for years.
Still though, Laika goes down in history as the little dog who proved man could reach beyond the stars, and her bravery and sacrifice will never be forgotten.

Recently Extinct Animals

5. Pyrenean Ibex
The Pyrenean Ibex has one of the more interesting stories among extinct animals, since it was the first species to ever be brought back into existence via cloning, only to go extinct again just seven minutes after being born due to lung failure. The Pyrenean Ibex was native to the Pyrenees, a mountain range in Andorra, France and Spain. The Pyrenean ibex was still abundant in the fourteenth century (Day 1981). The Pyrenean ibex’s population declined due to a “slow but continuous persecution” and disappeared from the French Pyrenees and the eastern Cantabrian mountain range by the mid-nineteenth century. Its situation has been critical since the beginning of the 20th century, when it was estimated that the Pyrenean population in Spain numbered only about 100 individuals. Since the beginning of the 20th century, the population never rose above 40 individuals. In 1981, the population was reported to be 30. At the end of the 1980′s the population size was estimated at 6-14 individuals. The last naturally born Pyrenean Ibex, named Celia, died on January 6th, 2000, after being found dead under a fallen tree at the age of 13. That animal’s only companion had died just a year earlier due to old age.

Fascinating Cases of Mind Control

5. Toxoplasma Gondii
Toxoplasma gondii is a common parasite the definitive host of which is the cat, but the parasite can be carried by all known mammals including humans. T. gondii infections have the ability to change the behavior of rats and mice, making them drawn to rather than fearful of the scent of cats. This effect is advantageous to the parasite, which will be able to sexually reproduce if its host is eaten by a cat. The infection is almost surgical in its precision, as it does not affect a rat’s other fears such as the fear of open spaces or of unfamiliar smelling food.

Gruesome Medieval Torture Devices

5. Spanish Donkey
The Spanish Donkey was a device which consisted of a main board cut with a wedge at the top fastened to two cross-beams. The naked victim was placed astride the main board as if riding a donkey, and various numbers of weights were attached to his or her feet. The agony could be ‘fine-tuned’ by using lighter or heavier weights. Sources relate that on occasion, the wedge would slice entirely through the victim as a result of the immense weight attached to his or her feet.

More Common Historical Myths

5. Caligula’s Horse
The Myth: Emperor Caligula made his horse a consul (a figurative head of the republican government)
Caligula’s love for his horse, Incitatus, was well known in his time and in present times, but the modern love of a good myth has promoted the horse to a far greater position than in reality. About seventy years after Caligula died, the historian Seutonius wrote of Caligula and Incitatus: “Besides a stall of marble, a manger of ivory, purple blankets and a collar of precious stones, he even gave his horse a house, a troop of slaves and furniture, for the more elegant entertainment of the guests invited in his name: and it is also said that he planned to make him consul.” The fact that this was not a first hand account (hence saying: “it is also said”) the report is dubious. There are no other records that indicate that Caligula did ever indicate that he planned to raise Incitatus to such an important place – let alone do it.

Amazing Lost Or Suppressed Inventions

5. Cold Fusion Device
Eugene Mallove
Eugene Mallove was a notable proponent and supporter of research into cold fusion. He authored the book Fire from Ice, which details the 1989 report of table-top cold fusion from Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann at the University of Utah. The book claims the team did produce “greater-than-unity” output energy in an experiment, which supposedly was successfully replicated on several occasions. Mallove claims that the results were suppressed through an organized campaign of ridicule from mainstream physicists. He was fatally beaten May 14, 2004 in Norwich, Connecticut by an unknown assailant. His violent death was suspected by some to be related to the nature of his work.


Just cut 2-3 thin slices of lemon and put it in a cup containing driking water.  The water will become "alkaline water". Drink for the whole day, just by adding more water. Take it as drinking water everyday. It is good for health.

Institute of Health Sciences, 819 N. L.L.C. Charles StreetBaltimore , MD 1201. 
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Read carefully & you be the judge

Lemon (Citrus
) is a miraculous product to kill cancer cells.   It is 10,000 times stronger than chemotherapy    Why do we not know about that? Because there are laboratories interested in making a synthetic version that will bring them huge profits. You can now help a friend in need by letting him/her know that lemon juice is beneficial in preventing the disease.   Its taste is pleasant and it does not produce the horrific effects of chemotherapy.   How many people will die while this closely guarded secret is kept, so as not to jeopardize the beneficial multimillionaires largecorporations?   As you know, the lemon tree is known for its varieties of lemons and limes.   You can eat the fruit in different ways: you can eat the pulp, juice press, prepare drinks, sorbets, pastries, etc... It is credited with many virtues, but the most interesting isthe effect it produces on cysts and tumors.   This plant is a proven remedy against cancers of all types.   Some say it is very useful in all variants of cancer .     It is considered also as ananti microbialspectrum against bacterial infections and fungi, effective against internal parasites and worms, it regulates blood pressure which is too high and anantidepressant, combats stress and nervous disorders.  The source of this information is fascinating: it comes from one of the largest drug manufacturers in the world, says that after more than 20 laboratory tests since 1970, the extracts revealed that 
It destroys the malignant cells in 12 cancers
including colon, breast, prostate, lung and pancreas
   The compounds of this tree showed 10,000 times better than the product Adriamycin, a drug normally used chemotherapeutic in the world, slowing the growth of cancer cells. And what is even more astonishing:   this type of therapy with lemon extract only destroys malignant cancer cells and it does not affect healthy cells. 

Institute of Health Sciences,
 819 N. L.L.C. Cause Street , Baltimore , MD1201


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