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बीरबल की तरह

कवि महाशय घोंचू (पोंचूजी से) - मेरी कविताओं का स्तर कैसा है?

पोंचूजी - बिलकुल बीरबल की तरह।

कवि घोंचू - पर बीरबल तो कविताएं लिखना जानते नहीं थे।

पोंचूजी - तो आप भी कहां जानते हैं...!!!

Religious Thought 124

The sorrows of duty, Like the heat of the sun, Have scorched your heart. But let stillness fall on you With its sweet and cooling showers, And you will find happiness.
- Ashtavakra Gita 18:3

It is a defect in language that words suggest permanent realities and people do not see through this deception. But mere words cannot create reality. Thus people speak of a final goal and believe it is real, but it is a form of words and the goal as such is without substance. The one who realizes the emptiness of objects and concepts does not depend on words. Perfect wisdom is beyond definition, and pathlessness is the way to it. The wise one treads this path for the direct realization of impermanence and for the direct realization of understanding. This, then, is perfect wisdom. Such a one should tread this path knowing that attachment and attractions are neither good nor harmful, even enlightenment is neither good nor harmful, because perfect wisdom is not meant to promote good or harm for that person. However, even though there is no intention of good or harm, it does confer endless blessing.
- Prajnaparamita

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