After 125 years secret Coke formula is out

Original document which contains secret coca-cola recipe 


Beauty of Fantasy Art


Computer studies of ocean floors around the world, particularly the area known as The Bermuda Triangle, reveal evidence of massive methane explosions in the past. For years, believers in the paranormal, aliens, and other outlandish theories pointed to the the disappearance of ships and aircraft as an indicator of mysterious forces at work in the “Devil’s triangle.” Scientists have finally pointed the rest of us to a more plausible cause.

The presence of methane hydrates indicates enormous eruptions of methane bubbles that would swamp a ship, and projected high into the air- take out flying airplanes, as well.

Any ships caught within the methane mega-bubble immediately lose all buoyancy and sink to the bottom of the ocean. If the bubbles are big enough and possess a high enough density they can also knock aircraft out of the sky with little or no warning. Aircraft falling victim to these methane bubbles will lose their engines-perhaps igniting the methane surrounding them-and immediately lose their lift as well, ending their flights by diving into the ocean and swiftly plummeting.

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Dengue Kills

Freaky Fruits and Vegetables

Flamboyant colors, extra-terrestrial shapes, fetid smell for some – here is the collection of the most unusual fruits and vegetables you will ever see.

Shared Web Hosting Compared

Widely available web hosting has been around for quite a long time now, however it didn’t used to be this easy. Now-a-days, shared web hosting is cheap and reliable, but with so many options, how do you choose the right one? I’ve personally used 3 or 4 of the providers in this infographic with mixed results, but I do have my favorites; but ultimatly you have to decide what features are right for you and your website.
If you’re looking for an easy way to compare the options, take a look below. [via Hosting Reviews]

Beautiful Forest Deer

Hard to believe snaps transport you an attractive photograph of deer. Deer are solitary of cutest herbivorous animal which is appreciated by every one. It is attractive to observe when deer sprint by bound and its eyes are actually overwhelming to scrutinize. We are surveillance deer in national geographic channel, animal planet, and in a lot of uncultivated existence photographs or be in this world in zoos every loves to distinguish it. There is numerous types of deer similar to mule deer such as black extremity deer, elk, moose, red deer, reindeer fallow deer, roe deer, colorless tail deer and chital are dissimilar excitement of deer. Deer pursue is not a good quality movement it is the offense against blue irritated even although numerous deer hunters are hunt deer it has to be forbidden. Here you be able to watch a number of of overwhelming deer pictures sure you’ll love it.
Forest Deer Photos (14)

Impressive Architectures at City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia

The City of Arts and Sciences is a large-scale urban recreation center for culture and science in the city of Valencia, Spain. Designed by Valencian architect Santiago Calatrava and started in July 1996, it is an impressive example of modern architecture. Set in the old dried-up river bed of the Turia, midway between the old city of Valencia and the coastal district of Nazaret, the City of Arts and Sciences covers an area of 350,000 square meters. Following a disastrous flood in 1957, the river was diverted along a canal to the south of the city, and the dried-out riverbed turned into a picturesque sunken park, which is the City of Arts and Sciences. Surrounded by attractive streams and pools of water, the “city” and the surrounding areas are typically used as a relaxing place to walk day or night. It is turning out to be the most important modern tourist destination in the city of Valencia.
The complex was designed almost entirely by Valencia born Santiago Calatrava. L’Hemisfèric, the planetarium, was the first element to be opened to the public in April 1998. The building is meant to resemble a giant eye with an eyelid that opens to access the surrounding water pool. The bottom of the pool is glass, creating the illusion of the eye as a whole. L’Hemisfèric is the centerpiece of the City of Arts and Sciences.

Ordinary Batman Adventures

Ordinary Batman Adventures is a humorous art series by freelance illustrator and artist Sarah Johnson, where she humanizes Batman by depicting him in less adventurous situations such as clipping toe nails or swinging on a tire. “Ordinary Batman Adventures began as a simple break from some very tedious freelance animation I was working on,” said Johnson in an interview with TheDailyDot. “Working from home and not always have a gig going on means I get to catch up on all the great TV shows I never had time to watch growing up. That included watching every episode of every animated series of Batman.” “The reason I probably connect with Batman more than other superheroes is that he does not have powers like my number one favorite heroes, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” Johnson said. “Batman is all dark and broody so it's more humorous to see him lacking a crime to bust or a villain to take down. I like to think of my GIFs as a slow day in Gotham when no one is looking.” Sarah Johnson graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology with a BFA in Film & Animation. She lives in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, USA.

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BeautiFul Leaf Art

Intricate works of art carved into leaves by Spanish artist Lorenzo Duran.
Creative leaf art was commissioned by Leagas Delaney for international advertising campaign that encourages people to plant trees.
“Every leaf traps CO2″ that is produced by cars, factories, and planes.

The Supertrees of Singapore

As part of Singapore’s redevelopment and new downtown area at Marina Bay, the sprawling 250-acre Gardens by the Bay is an incredible public space with gardens, bridges, skywalks, parks and plants. The green development has been proclaimed a ‘horticultural heaven’. The attractions garnering the most buzz are the two massive climate-controlled biomes called Cloud Forest and Flower Dome and of course the massive man-made supertrees which are showcased below.

10 Great Popular Science Books

A great popular science book needs to strike a balance between being accessible and entertaining to the general public, whilst being informative enough to satisfy the most inquisitive minds. When an author is successful in doing this, great popular science books are born. To ensure some diversity I have only included one entry per author and excluded books mentioned in other lists. Due to this many other great books by these authors weren’t included. Though most of these are best-sellers this is clearly a subjective list and I would love to hear your thoughts on what could be included in a follow-up list. The list is in no particular order.
A Briefer History of Time
Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow
9780553385465 1285576146
Stephen Hawking is one of the world’s most famous physicists. He is well-known by the general public for his extensive work in theoretical physics, cosmology and unfortunately his debilitating battle with motor neuron disease. A Briefer History of Time is an updated and easier to read version of his 1988 bestseller, A Brief History of Time. The book – like its predecessor – reads like a biography of the universe, and is a great introduction to the world of physics. The Sunday Times sum it up best: “This book marries a child’s wonder to a genius’s intellect. We journey into Hawking’s universe while marveling at his mind.”

10 Most Beautiful National Parks Of The World

national park is a reserve of natural, semi-natural, or developed land that a sovereign state declares or owns. Although individual nations designate their own national parks differently, an international organization, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), and its World Commission on Protected Areas, has defined National Parks as its category II type of protected areas. While ideas for this type of national park had been suggested previously, the United States established the first such one,Yellowstone National Park, in 1872. According to the IUCN, there were 6,555 national parks worldwide.

Yosemite National Park, United States

Lake Reschensee and the Drowned Village of Graun

A fourteenth century medieval tower rises out of Lake Reschensee, only a few miles from the Swiss and Austrian borders, in Italy. The steeple of the submerged bell tower is the only visible building of the once thriving village of Graun. In the middle of the last century, the entire town along with 163 homes and the 14th century church had to be sacrificed to make way for a new dam that would increase electricity production.
In 1939, the electric company Montecatini announced plans for a 22-meter deep lake, which would unify two natural lakes - Reschensee and Mittersee -  and submerge several villages, including Graun and part of Reschen. Naturally, the locals were none too happy. They fought the flooding tooth and nail but despite the resistance the plan was approved and in 1950 the land was flooded. 523 hectare of cultivated ground and 163 houses were drowned. Lots of families, in spite of the little money the company gave them, had a present with no future. Some moved away, some others tried to build a new life and home in upper Graun, where they still live today.

Namaqualand’s Miraculous Spring Flowers

Namaqualand is an arid region in Namibia and South Africa, extending along the west coast over 600 miles and covering a total area of 170,000 square miles. During the arid summer months, it’s as dry as a desert, however in the spring a miracle happens. As the rains soak into the thirsty earth, millions upon millions of flowers emerge in a phenomenal explosion of colour which transforms the landscape into a wonderland of beauty. This is known throughout South Africa as the Namaqualand daisy season, when orange and white daisies, as well as hundreds of other flowering species, spring up from a previously barren landscape.
The riot of flowers is a highly volatile exhibition occurring between August and October on most years. The flower display depends on whether the rains have been good that season, as the dormant seeds lie in the dry earth for months waiting for rain. Every year between brings a different formula, and a different selection of flowers. Approximately 4000 species of plants bloom in the region and an estimated one-forth of the species are found nowhere else on earth.

Beautiful Animals Pictures

Czech photographer Robert Adamec may be 48 years-old, but he’s get the feel affection for of a youngster for animals. He give the impression to feel affection for all critters attractive and feathery, be they ducklings, regal snow owls, or untamed deceive on the prowl. He lives in Prerov, the Czech Republic and has an impressive animal photography balcony which is attractive much the be-all-end-all of all belongings photography-related on the Internet. What we would be the majority curious to find out is precisely how he manage to ‘talk’ the animals into allow him to get so close, without organization away in terror. Here are some beautiful digital animal’s pictures.
Beautiful Animals Pics (5)

Niagara Falls Light Show

From the beginning of November until the first week of January, the Niagara Falls Winter Festival of Lights takes place. During these two months a decorated six-kilometer route stretching from Dufferin Islands along the Niagara Parkway, an area known as the Niagara Parks, is illuminated by nearly three million lights and over 100 lighting displays, including fireworks over the falls.
Although the Niagara Falls is illuminated all round the year, the Winter Festival offers a special spectacle. In spring and summer, the colored lights shine for just three hours, but with less daylight in winter, curtains of color wash over the falls each night for up to seven hours.
Crowds gather along the sidewalk and railing on Niagara Parkway to see the show as colored mist rises from the falls in front of them. The display starts with patriotic themes - red, white and blue on the American Falls, red and white for the horseshoe-shaped Canadian Falls. The light beams emanate from a bank of 21 spotlights, each 30 inches in diameter, sitting atop a raised stone bunker across the road.


One has to wonder whether this lizard's spider-senses are tingling. For the reptile bears more than a passing resemblance to the Marvel comic superhero Spiderman.
The lizard's amazing red and blue markings are strikingly similar to the suit worn by the crime-fighting, web-weaving daredevil.
And - as the reptile was captured crawling around on his rock - he appeared to strike an identical pose to Spidey's favoured crouching pose.
Strike a pose: The brightly-coloured Mwanza Flat Headed Agama lizard even mimics Spidey's famous crouch

तुलसी के लाभकारी प्रयोग

कान के रोगों में- तुलसी की पत्तियों को ज्यादा मात्रा में लेकर सरसों के तेल में पकायें। पत्तियाँ जल जाने पर तेल उतारकर छान लें। ठण्डा होने पर इस तेल की 1-2 बूँद कान में डालने से कान के रोगों में लाभ होता है।
खाँसीः तुलसी के रस में अदरक का रस व शहद मिलाकर चाटने से सभी प्रकार की खाँसी में लाभ होता है।
तुलसी की मंजरी का चूर्ण बनाकर शहद के साथ चाटने से कफ, खाँसी दूर होगी तथा सीने की खरखराहट मिटेगी।
तुलसी व अडूसे के पत्तों का रस बराबर मात्रा में मिलाकर लेने से पुरानी खाँसी भी ठीक हो जाती है।
कीड़े, मच्छर काटने परः तुलसी के पत्तों का एक चम्मच रस पानी में मिलाकर पियें एवं तुलसी पीसकर कर कीड़े के काटे भाग पर लगायें।
तुलसी के पत्तों को नमक के साथ पीसकर लगाने से भौंरा, बर्र, बिच्छू के दंश की वेदना व जलन शीघ्र मिट जाती है।
सिरदर्द मिटाने के लिए सरल उपाय
लौकी का गूदा सिर पर लेप करने से सिरदर्द में तुरंत आराम मिलता है। सोंठ, तेजपत्ता, काली मिर्च, अर्जुन, इलायची, दालचीनी आदि से बनी आयुर्वेदिक चाय में दूध की जगह नींबू मिलाकर पियें और सो जायें। पेट और सिर दोनों को आराम मिलेगा।
पित्त से उत्पन्न सिरदर्द में खीरा काटकर सूँघने एवं सिर पर रगड़ने से तुरंत आराम मिलता है।
एक चम्मच सौंफ चबाकर दूध पी लें। पेट और सिरदर्द में लाभ होगा।
सिरदर्द में सभी उँगलियों के ऊपरी सिरों पर रबरबेंड लपेट लें, सिरदर्द एवं थकान तुरंत दूर होगी।
जलने पर क्या करें ?
पटाखे सावधानी से जलायें। जल जाने पर कच्चे आलू के पतले चिप्स जले हुए स्थान पर रखने से लाभ होता है।

मंत्रों की शक्ति दे सुख-शांति और समृद्धि

नौकरी-धंधे के लिये जाते हैं, सफलता नहीं मिलती तो इक्कीस बार श्रीमदभगवदगीता का अंतिम श्लोक बोलकर फिर घर से निकलें तो सफलता मिलेगी। श्लोकः
यत्र योगेश्वरः कृष्णो यत्र पार्थो धनुर्धरः।
तत्र श्रीर्विजयो भूतिर्ध्रुवा नीतिर्मतिमम्।।
पीपल के पेड़ में शनिवार और मंगलवार को दूध, पानी और गुड़ मिलाकर चढ़ायें और प्रार्थना करें कि 'भगवान ! आपने गीता में कहा है 'वृक्षों में पीपल मैं हूँ।' तो हमने आपके चरणों में अर्घ्य अर्पण किया है, इसे स्वीकार करें और मेरी नौकरी धंधे की जो समस्या है वह दूर हो जाये।'
श्री हरि.. श्री हरि.... श्री हरि... थोड़ी देर जप करें। तीन बार जपने से एक मंत्र हुआ। उत्तराभिमुख होकर इस मंत्र की 1-2 माला शांतिपूर्वक करें और चलते-फिरते भी इसका जप करें तो विशेष लाभ होगा और रोजी रोटी के साथ ही शांति, भक्ति और आनन्द भी बढ़ेगा।


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