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Religious Thought 253

Knowledge or ignorance, Freedom or bondage, What are they? What is "I," Or "mine," Or "this"? Or the form of the true Self? I am always one. What do I care for freedom In life or in death, Or for my present karma?
- Ashtavakra Gita 20:3-4

All the wealth you've acquired from beginningless time until now has failed to fulfill all your desires. Cultivate therefore this wish-granting gem of moderation, O fortunate ones.
- Milarepa, "Drinking the Mountain Stream"

Religious Thought 252

A devotee who can call on God while living a householder's life is a hero indeed. God thinks: "He who has renounced the world for My sake will surely pray to Me; he must serve Me. Is there anything very remarkable about it? People will cry shame on him if he fails to do so. But he is blessed indeed who prays to Me in the midst of his worldly duties. He is trying to find Me, overcoming a great obstaclepushing away, as it were, a huge block of stone weighing a ton. Such a man is a real hero."
- Ramakrishna

The true principle is that even reality is not really real, and even falsehood is not unreal. It is not something calculable. Like space, it cannot be cultivated. If any intellectual fabrication occurs in the mind, then it is governed by measurements. This is like divination signsthey are governed by metal, wood, fire, and earth. It is also like sticky glue; the kind demon can grab you, stuck in five places, and go home freely.
- Pai-chang

Religious Thought 251

I am in all things, From Brahma to a blade of grass." When you know this, You have no thought For success or failure Or the mind's inconstancy. You are pure. You are still.
- Ashtavakra Gita 11:7

The ultimate way is without difficulty; those who seek it make their own hardship. The true mind is originally pure; those who exercise it make their own defilement.
- Hui-k'ung

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In this photo from 1926, we see George A. Van Biesbroeck (1880-1974), an astronomer at Yerkes Observatory, observing Mars when it approached close to the Earth that year. Van Biesbroeck is shown using the observatory’s 40 inch refracting telescope, the largest of its kind in the world.
refracting or refractor telescope is a type of optical telescope that uses a lens as its objective to form an image. The refracting telescope design was originally used in spy glasses and astronomical telescopes but is also used for long focus camera lenses. Although large refracting telescopes were very popular in the second half of the 19th century, for most research purposes the refracting telescope has been superseded by the reflecting telescope.

Religious Thought 250

Light illumines the Sun, But the Sun itself creates that light. The glorious Sun and its light are one and the same.
- Jnaneshwar (also known as Jnanadeva)

Few cross over the river. Most are stranded on this side. On the riverbank they run up and down. But the wise person, following the way, Crosses over, beyond the reach of death. Free from desire, Free from possessions, Free from attachment and appetite, Following the seven lights of awakening, And rejoicing greatly in his freedom, In this world the wise person Becomes themselves a light, Pure, shining, free.
- from the Dhammapada

Religious Thought 249

At the beginning, mankind and the obligation of selfless service were created together. "Through selfless service, you will always be fruitful and find the fulfillment of your desires": this is the promise of the Creator.
- Bhagavad Gita 3:10

When other beings, especially those who hold a grudge against you, abuse and harm you out of envy, you should not abandon them, but hold them as objects of your greatest compassion and take care of them.
- His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Religious Thought 248

Between the pillars of spirit and matter the mind has put up a swing. There swings the bound soul and all the worlds with not even the slightest rest. The sun and moon also swing, and there is no end to it. The soul swings through millions of births like the endless circling of sun and moon. Billions of ages have passed with no sigh of relief. The earth and sky swing, Wind and water swing, Taking a body, God Himself swings.
- Kabir

Friends, I know nothing which brings suffering as does an untamed, uncontrolled, unattended and unrestrained heart. Such a heart brings suffering.
- Anguttara Nikaya


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