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Mudras For Healthy LIVING

MUDRAS for Healthy Living... 
Practice this Mudra's atleast 3 to 5 Min 
Every day for lifetime Diseases free.
Note: For Illustration, we put both hands closer,
But in practice no need to put your hands closer.

Akash Mudra : For Ear problems 

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The Most Horrible Lips Tattoos Ever

The Most Horrible Lips Tattoos Ever (10 Photos)

It’s sad that all these people couldn’t find any other way of self-expression rather than making these lips tattoos.

Moving cinemagraph

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50 Years of Bond

2012 has already been a huge year for action movies. Competition for the title of “best big-budget action film” is already pretty stiff with titles like Prometheus, The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises already on the board, but on October 23rd everyone’s favorite M16 agent will once again throw his hat into the ring.
Today’s infographic from celebrates 007′s upcoming 50th anniversary with a bang. Daniel Craig is set to make his 3rd on-screen appearance as James Bond in Skyfall on October 23rd, which coincides with the 1962 release of Dr. No and marks the 50th anniversary of the Bond Franchise.
Making an average of $663 million per movie, Daniel Craig is already a very successful Bond; he hasn’t come close to Sean Connery yet, though. Adjusted for inflation, Connery’s Bond films pulled in an average of $729 million per movie.
For more information on everything Bond, from the girls to the gadgets and from the villains to the vehicles, refer to the infographic below. [Via]

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Walking Across The Irish Sea

Walking on water: The 'human hamster wheel' begins two-day attempt to cross the Irish Sea in homemade ‘tredalo’

  • Chris Todd, 35, will walk non-stop from Trearddur Bay, North Wales to Greystones harbour in Ireland
  • DIY craft made from wire mesh, with two floats either side to act as stabilisers
  • Remarkable feat equivalent to running ten back to back marathons
A British engineer has set off on his attempt to walk 66 miles across the Irish Sea on a ‘human hamster wheel’.
Daredevil Chris Todd, 35, hopes to cross the open sea in two days on a homemade water wheel called a Tredalo to raise money for charity.
Chris, from Bromham, Wiltshire, set out on a calm sea from Trearddur Bay, North Wales, at 1.45pm yesterday heading for Greystones harbour in Ireland.

Chris Todd sets out on his 66 mile self-powered voyage across the Irish Sea on a craft that looks more hamster wheel than boatChris Todd sets out on his 66 mile self-powered voyage across the Irish Sea on a craft that looks more hamster wheel than boat

Amir banne ke nuskhe

Amir banne ke liye relway staion pe jao. Aur apna volet kho gaya hai aisa natak

 karo.thoda rone ka natak bhi karo.

Logo se thodi thodi madad karne ko kaho. Dekhana har koi khuch rupye apko 

jarur dega. Aur jyada kamane ke liye platform,station change  karte jao.dekhan

aap ek din me 3 se 4000 kama lenge.

Animated Flowers

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Lucky Moment

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2G, CWG, CoalGate(CG) and now Jija-G.

Religious Thought 63

The sorrows of duty, Like the heat of the sun, Have scorched your heart. But let stillness fall on you With its sweet and cooling showers, And you will find happiness.
- Ashtavakra Gita 18:3

Someone asked T'ou-tzu, "How is it when there is no mistake moment to moment?"
T'ou-tzu said, "Bragging."

Never, O wolf, play at being a fox, performing service in order to gain power; rush into the fire like a moth: don't hoard service, play for love!
- Rumi
- Mathnawi [V, 472-473]
[A]s Christians we have to be really wise about what we watch on the Internet, TV, movies, and everything else--because what goes into our hearts and our minds is going to come out in our lives.
Rebecca St. James

One who learns from his companion a single chapter, a single law, a single verse, a single expression, or even a single letter, should accord him respect.
- Ethics of the Fathers, 6:3

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