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Salesman tension mai tha..

Salesman tension mai tha.. :

Dealer: kya hua ??:

Salesman: mai 6 months se tour pe tha,, wife pregnant ho gyi ":

Dealer: beta ab pta chala, bina order k maal aata hai to kaisa lagta hai..

Religious Thought 072

The ignorant work for their own profit, Arjuna; the wise work for the welfare of the world, without thought for themselves. By abstaining from work you will confuse the ignorant, who are engrossed in their actions. Perform all work carefully, guided by compassion.
- Bhagavad Gita 3:25-26

Buddhas teachings are so simple and straightforward. If you find them complicated, it is only because you have made them so. You may think, I have a Ph.D. and have amassed all this knowledge, yet I still cant figure out how to begin practicing Dharma. The remedy is to take a good look at your own mind.
- Lama Thubten Yeshe, in "Wisdom Energy"

कौन सा शैंपू

संता - मैंने 100 महिलाओं से यह जानने की कोशिश की कि वे कौन सा शैंपू यूज़ करना पसंद करती हैं।

 बंता -  फिर, पता चला?

 संता - ज्यादातर ने एक ही जवाब दिया - फौरन मेरे बाथरूम से बाहर निकल जाओ।

Blank Blinkies

Chinese Lantern Festival

Chinese Lantern Festival

A visitors view ice sculptures at Yanqing Ice Festival also for the Chinese Lantern Festival which falls on February 6 and traditionally marks the end of the Lunar New Year celebrations in Beijing, China Feb. 6, 2012. The Lantern Festival also known as the Yuanxiao Festival or Shangyuan Festival in China. 

Fantasy Art 016

Animated Images 070

जादुई चिराग

संता को जादुई चिराग मिला। 

जिन्न निकला और बोला-आका   ,आप तीन मुराद मांग सकते हो।

संता : 
1. एक बड़ा बंगला।
2. उस में खूब दौलतमंद आदमी।
3. उसका चौकीदार हमको बना दो।


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