These are all flowering bonsai trees of different varieties. Most are tropical or sub-tropical indoor trees, however, some are temperate or outdoor trees.

Generally,  all flowering trees require more light than non-flowering trees in order to generate flowers and/or fruits. If you like plants and flowers, you will love these flowering bonsai trees. Lasting longer than cut bouquets, and blooming continually, these flowering bonsai trees become peace and pleasure.


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Religious Thought 099

Liberation cannot be achieved except through perceiving the identity of the individual spirit with the Universal Spirit. Atman and Brahman are identical. Their essence is pure Consciousness.
- Sankara

Whose minds are well-developed in the factors of self-awakening, who delight in non-clinging, relinquishing grasping-- resplendent, their effluents ended: they, in the world, are Unbound.
- Dhammapada, 6, translated by Thanissaro Bhikkhu

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Nature Photography

Beautiful pictures of northern Europe's wildlife

The Long Journey North: Beautiful pictures of northern Europe's wildlife

British photographer Danny Green's first book brings together stunning pictures from all over northern Europe, 
showcasing spectacular scenery and the wildlife that inhabits it. 'The Long Journey North' captures incredible 
moments of wildlife - from an eagle clutching prey to a serene picture of sunlight illuminating deer
1. A puffin flies with a fish in its mouth in Scotland (Danny Green/Rex Features)

गांव की जनसंख्या

एक गांव की जनसंख्या बहुत तेज़ी से बढ़ रही थी, सो, कारण जानने के लिए एक सर्वेक्षण कराया गया...

सर्वेक्षण की रिपोर्ट हासिल होने पर उसका गहन अध्ययन करने के बाद संबंधित अधिकारी ने सुझाव दिया, "गांव के पीछे बनी रेलवे लाइन से सुबह साढ़े तीन बजे एक एक्सप्रेस ट्रेन गुज़रती है, उसे बंद कर दिया जाए..."

सवाल किया गया, "ट्रेन का जनसंख्या से भला क्या संबंध है...?"

अधिकारी ने जवाब दिया, "दरअसल वह समय उठने के लिए बहुत जल्दी होता है और उस समय दोबारा सो पाना भी मुश्किल होता है...

Religious Thought 098

Love alone will abide thee.
- Tamil proverb

Delight in heedfulness. Watch over your own mind. Lift yourself up from the hard-going way, like a tusker sunk in the mud.
- Dhammapada, 327, translated by Thanissaro Bhikkhu

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