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Toughest Foot Race On Earth- Marathon Des Sables

The Marathon des Sables (Marathon of the Sands, or Sahara Marathon) is a six-day, 251 km (156 mi) ultra-marathon, which is the equivalent of six regular marathons. The longest single stage (2009) is 91 km (57 mi) long. This multiday race is held every year in southern Morocco, in the Sahara desert. It is considered the toughest foot race on Earth. The Marathon is an expensive undertaking, costing approximately $5,000 to participate in. Competitors must carry all personal belongings and food for the entire event in their backpack. Water and tents are supplied by the organizers. Competitors are provided nine liters of water throughout the day. At night, participants sleep in communal tents in the desert.

6 Myths About the Ancient Olympics

Olympic fever is coming and nothing you can do will prepare you for the media blitz that it will bring. As everyone you know becomes an armchair historian and starts handing out Olympic facts, be aware of these six myths about the event’s history.
The Games Were About Honor
 The modern Olympic games are advertised as bringing the world together while somehow simultaneously bringing victory to your nation of origin. It’s like friendly competition on a global stage. Also, corporate sponsorships.
This is why we can't have nice things.
Obviously that wasn’t the case with the ancient Greeks. The games were part of a religious festival and competition was limited to the city states of Greece. However, there was no friendly competition because for the athletes it was only about the prizes. Cheating, while severely punished, was rampant. Athletes did whatever they could to get an edge over their opponents. What’s more, it was first place or no place. The Greeks knew that second place and third place were just different ways of saying “loser.”
However, there is something to the whole brotherly love aspect of the modern games. In ancient Greece all conflicts were postponed while the games were underway. So while you may have chariot racers trying to smack each other in the genitals to get a lead, at least actual soldiers weren’t going around stabbing people and stuff. They had a little thing called “class.”

12 Largest Stadiums Of The World

modern stadium is a place or venue for (mostly) outdoor sports, concerts, or other events and consists of a field or stage either partly or completely surrounded by a structure designed to allow spectators to stand or sit and view the event. Here is a list of, non-race, notable sports stadiums, ordered by their capacity, that is the maximum number of spectators they can normally accommodate.

Rungrado May Day Stadium

The Rungrado May First Stadium, or May Day Stadium, is a multi-purpose stadium in Pyongyang, North Korea, completed on May 1, 1989. The stadium can seat 150,000, which is the largest stadium capacity in the world and the world’s 12th largest sporting venue. While the stadium is used for sporting events, it is most famous as the site of massive performances and shows celebrating Kim Il-sung and the North Korean nation. In June–July 2002 it was the site of the colossal and meticulously choreographed “Arirang” gymnastic and artistic performance (often referred to elsewhere as “mass games”).

Hardest Endurance Events

1. Spartathlon
Credit: Ser13gio
The Spartathlon is a gruelling 153 mile ultramarathon race, held in annually in Greece. The race has been held in Greece since 1983, and starts at Athens and ends in Sparta.
The goal of the Spartathlon is to retrace the footsteps of Pheidippides, an Athenian messenger sent to Sparta in 490 BC to seek help against the Persians. According to an account by Greek historian Herodotus in The Persian Wars, Pheidippides arrived in Sparta the day after he departed.
The race was first done by John Foden and four RAF officers, to see if it was possible to do the journey Pheidippides did. Three out of the five of them completed it.

There are 75 checkpoints along the route, each with their own cut-off time for completion. Organisers may pull out people who don't meet the checkpoint marks in time, or people who display extreme fatigue.

The Disappearing Aral Lake

Moynaq (also spelled as Muynak and Moynaq) is a city in northern Karakalpakstan in western Uzbekistan. Half a century ago, the city was located on the shore of the Aral Sea, a proud fishing community and the largest port in Karakalpakstan’s. In the heydays, Muynak and other towns on the Aral were hauling 160 tons of fish each day from its shimmering waters. Today, Muynak is separated from the sea by more than 150 kilometers. Formerly one of the four largest lakes in the world with an area of 68,000 square kilometres, the Aral Sea has been steadily shrinking. Vessels that once floated in the waters now stand rusting in the sun at the famous ship graveyard. But how did this happen?
In the 1940s, ambitious Soviet planners embarked on a massive water program designed to make the desert bloom. It was decided that the two rivers that fed the Aral Sea, the Amu Darya in the south and the Syr Darya in the northeast, would be diverted to irrigate the desert, in an attempt to grow rice, melons, cereals, and cotton. By 1960, between 20 and 60 cubic kilometres of water were going each year to the land instead of the sea. With most of the sea's water supply gone, the Aral Sea began to shrink. From 1961 to 1970, the Aral's sea level fell at an average of 20 cm a year; in the 1970s, the average rate nearly tripled to 50–60 centimetres per year, and by the 1980s it continued to drop, now with a mean of 80–90 centimetres each year. By 2007, the Aral sea had declined to 10% of its original size.

A Beach Without the Sea

Playa de Gulpiyuri or the Gulpiyuri Beach is a shell shaped little beach located in the middle of a grassy meadow, near Llanes, a small town on the north central coast of Spain. The beach is located 100 meters from the sea but connected by a network of underground caves. You won’t see the vast ocean along the shores here but instead, the sight of a gorgeous little cove will greet you. Nevertheless, it’s a beach a waves still lap up against the shore as water from the Bay of Biscay continues to enter through the underground caves. While the beach is only 40 meters in length, there are occasionally surf in the shallow water.

adorable birds

You will see adorable birds in 80 hd photos that are maybe the best you can find on the internet. Some of these photos can win important prizes because are brilliant. In one photo, we have a small bird with a fish in her mouth. But wat is so outstanding in that photo ? We can see the fish’s eye and one water droplet  falling from him. 

Playing with Crocodiles

Big Girl Lindsay Hayward

Meet Lindsay Hayward, 107 kilos of pure muscles. 6’9″ (206 cm) tall and weighs 240 lbs (109 kg). She is so strong that can easily lift a man who weighs 100 kg above her head and throw him across the room. Lindsay wears a 38G bra and eat mainly foods with high level of protein, such as, for example, red meat. That is a kind of girl you’d never want to dump!
Big Girl Lindsay Hayward   awesome 2

Famous Island Owners

There is nothing more exclusive and sought after in the world than having your own private island; it becomes effectively your own little kingdom. Owning an island is the ultimate status symbol; apart from that,   who are always in the public eye.

Marlon Brando- Tetiaroa, French Polynesia, Tahiti

Marlon Brando first “discovered” Tetiaroa in the early 1960′s while scouting locations for the classic film “Mutiny on the Bounty”. The atoll is located 33 miles (53 km) north of Tahiti. The atoll stretches on a total surface of 2.3 square miles (6 square km); approximately 1,445 acres (585 hectares) of sand are divided in 13 motus (islets) with varying surface areas. The lagoon is approximately 4.5 miles (7 km) wide and 100 feet (30 meters) deep. The atoll has no reef opening, making access by boat nearly impossible.


If you thought the nail art trend for humans was getting out of hand, what with duckfeet and all, then you'll really be unhappy to learn that people are getting all artsy on their dogs nails too. Sure, we have seen painted pup nails before, but these complicated patterns are taking it to a whole new, unfortunate level. First of all, there's the fact that dogs don't know or care that they have flowers painted on their nails.

Sky Habitat – the most expensive residential

Singapore has started to build the most expensive 38-story residential complex – Sky Habitat. Sky Habitat has a stepped structure and consists of two buildings connected by three bridges. The upper bridge is a large swimming pool at the bottom – parkland. This has only just begun to build, and most of the apartments are already sold. Here three-room apartments cost half a million U.S. Dollars.
Sky Habitat   the most expensive residential

Strange Old Inventions...

Невероятные изобретения из прошлого

Bicycle tires used as spastelnye vests (Germany, 1925) 


Photographer spent nearly 800 days in the Kalahari desert.

Here are the wildlife photography taken by the photographer Hannes Lochner.

Hannes Lochner is from South Africa.

The photographer spent nearly 800 days in the Kalahari desert to take these photos.
He published this images in his book called Colours Of Kalahari.

Kalahari is a national park.


Largest Diamonds of the World

1. KOH-I-NOOR ("Mountain of Light"):

Posted Image

Koh-i-noor is one of the world’s largest diamonds,

it weighed in at 186 carats when it was first

discovered *in 1304*. This oval shaped cut stone

is believed to have been set in the famous peacock throne

of Shah Jehan. Recut during the reign of Queen Victoria

it now weighs 108 carats and forms part of the British Crown Jewels.


Beautiful Birds Pictures

beautiful birds pictures

Book Art of Rachael Ashe

Rachel Ashe (Rachael Ashe) creates incredibly beautiful works of art from the books. Basically, Rachel uses the motifs of nature and animals. The girl lives and works in Vancouver. Look!

Paper Art

Danish artist Peter Callesen transforms flat sheets of white paper into unique three-dimensional artworks and sculptures.
Folded objects appear out of the blank A4 paper 
and the negative space left by the intricate cut acts 
as the shadow of the newly created figures

Flowering Rapeseed in China

Flowering rapeseed is an amazing sight. That's why in mid-March the city of Huangshan, located in eastern China, annually attracts thousands of photographers from around the world, as well as ordinary lovers of natural beauty.

Wonderful "revived" by Jamie Beck photos

Indian Home Remedies

Here are 35 Indian Home Remedies for everything imaginable and have been used for hundreds of years, before the advent of modern medicine.

This is good especially for minor aliments and aches and pains. Print it out and keep it in a place where you can find it easily, when needed. This may avoid a trip to the doctors and/or make you feel healthy (and even look beautiful) in the process. Take Care!

1) Home Remedies for Asthma:

Take 1 tsp honey and 1/4 tsp cinnamon powder and mix them well before consuming. For people who are in their early stages of asthma, a perfect home remedy is to boil 8-10 cloves of garlic in 1/2 cup of milk and consume it during night time. Take very hot water and add a tsp of honey in it. Consume it just before sleeping and take small sips

Buddha's Hand Lemon

Buddha's hand, also known as bushukan or fingered citron, is a fragrant citron variety whose fruit is segmented into finger-like sections. The origin of Buddha's hand plant is traced back to Northeastern India or China.

Grow on the continent of Asia in many places Such as China, which is a characteristic form strange despite being free of Juice and pulp. But it is used in many purposes because Buddha's hand fruit is very fragrant and is used predominantly by the Chinese and Japanese for perfuming rooms and personal items, such as clothing.

Most Dangerous Lakes on Earth

A lake is a body of relatively still fresh or salt water of considerable size, localized in a basin, that is surrounded by land apart from a river, stream, or other form of moving water that serves to feed or drain the lake. Lakes are inland and not part of the ocean and therefore are distinct from lagoons, and are larger and deeper than ponds. Lakes are considered as one of the most beautiful part of nature and serves the mankind in many ways. Despite their fascinating beauty, these top 10 dangerous lakes on earth actually hide silent death in their depths...

1. Karachay Lake, Russia

After being used as a dumping site for radioactive waste for decades, Lake Karachay, located in the southern Ural mountains in western Russia, has become one of the most polluted spot in the world. Spending just five minutes near the lake is enough to receive a deadly radioactive dosis, while spending an hour there will probably kill you within the next few hours. In 1968, during drought conditions, the wind carried radioactive dust away from the lake’s dried area, irradiating half a million people. The radiation was comparable to the effect of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. Another 7,000 people who lived in the area were relocated.

Most Expensive Mobile Phones in the World

A mobile phone is a device that can make and receive telephone calls over a radio link whilst moving around a wide geographic area. It does so by connecting to a cellular network provided by a mobile phone operator, allowing access to the public telephone network. Apart from it's sole purpose, it's also now a days used as a fashionable gadget. Nowadays, mobile phone like Watches have gone from being just phones / timepieces to Adornments. Now take a look such expensive mobile phone in the world...

11. Ulysse Nardins - The Chairman

PRICE -  $49,500

The Chairman by Ulysse Nardin is the worlds most expensive Android smartphon and includes both a touch screen and a physical number pad. The Ulysse Nardin name is most often associated with luxury watches and that fact shows in the Chairmans sophisticated design. The volume controls look like watch buttons and the crown between them can actually be wound to generate power for the device. In fact, the phone features a kinetic rotor power system visible through the backplate.


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