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The Empire of Death and Jewelry

"Well-known expert on ancient graves, “Hunter” a treasure of the past Paul Koudounaris, named Indiana Bones found a creepy collection of “inlaid” jewels skeletons resting in churches throughout Europe for four hundred years.
Historian and critic Paul Koudounaris found and photographed dozens of frightening skeletons in the most closed Catholic churches and monasteries. Incredibly, some of these amazing skeletons in the decoration of which took up to five years, were stored in safes or other similar containers. All of these photos included in the book of Paul, in which he sheds light on a forgotten worldembellished with jewels power.


This Saint Benedict received the Church of St. Michael in Munich. (Photo by Paul Koudounaris / BNPS)
Well-known expert on ancient graves, art Paul Koudounaris, which is similar to the Indiana Jones often called Indiana Bones (Eng. bone – bone), presented the results of their latest research. Kudunaris gained access to the dungeons of the old European churches, in which the relics of the early Christians to hide from the public eye for nearly four centuries, and photographed them.


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