Deadliest Animals

Danger and especially dangerous creatures fascinate us. The subject has appeared on more than one occasion on Listverse for this reason. Today’s list is a little different than the others though, in that it examines ten different criteria for what makes an animal deadly. Many more criteria are still out there. Feel free to add other deadly creatures to the comments.
The African Bush Elephant
Brute Strength
The king of the jungle is a title that still misleadingly belongs to the elephant, not the lion. Neither of them lives in any jungle in Africa. The African elephant is the largest land animal on Earth and has zero natural predators (man doesn’t count as natural). The ones you’ve seen in zoos are simply not the same as those in the wild. In zoos, elephants know humans are no threat; in the wild, any animal that is not a herbivore is a threat, and elephants are smart enough to know which is which.
In the wild, they are docile to a point. You may stand 100 meters from one and it will pay attention but not attack. Or it may charge you from 500 meters as soon as it sees you. Of course the largest land animal is sure to be also the most powerful, and the elephant is, but it possesses an intelligence that may rival that of some primates. This is not quite so difficult to fathom given that it has an 11-pound brain.
The elephant is the grandest of the Big Five game animals of Africa, and although it is still legal to hunt them, a license to kill just one will cost about $50,000. Hunters are only permitted to kill solitary old bulls or cows that are not long from natural death. The money goes to conservation efforts. Despite their size, they disappear very easily in tall brush and their ears enable them to hear you long before you hear them. Their olfactory sense is extraordinary, enabling them to smell you from 1 mile. And because they are gargantuan, they generally do not run away or hide. Full-grown elephants have zero natural predators. Nothing dares tangle with them. They can run 25 miles an hour for 100 meters, which is faster than Usain Bolt.
They are hyper-aggressive during musth. Musth is the bull elephant’s reproductive hormones, mostly testosterone, all of which rise 60 times higher than normal. This makes the elephant want to mate with any cow it sees, and fight everything else. Musth causes the bull extreme irritation and puts him in a severely foul mood.
It is during musth that bulls have been known to charge through 2 direct hits from a .460 Weatherby Magnum (ordinarily more than sufficient to drop one in its tracks), and trample the hunter to death, flip safari jeeps and gore through chassis; 6-ton bulls have been witnessed flinging black rhinoceros 14 feet over their heads, kicking down 4-foot-thick trees, and snapping anchor chains used to hold them. They are smart enough to angle their tusks into the chain links and pop them loose if they cannot overpower the iron.

Cities With the Most Impressive Skyline

The skyline of a city is like a fingerprint, unique and as easily identifiable as a country's flag or a national symbol. The Empire State Building, the Burj Khalifa, and the Taipei 101 are some of the iconic buildings that make the world's greatest skylines. The skyline of a city is also seen as symbol of the city's influence and economy. In general, larger cities have broader and taller skylines, though lower density cities can also have smaller skylines.
Here is a list of 25 cities that have the most impressive skyline in the world.

Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong is one of the world's leading international financial centers. The lack of space in the city caused demand for denser constructions, which developed the city to a center for modern architecture and the world's most vertical city. Hong Kong boasts of more than 7800 buildings of which more than 2300 are above 100 meter with a combined height of a whopping 333,836 meter. Hong Kong ranks first in the world in both skyscraper and high-rise count, with at least 52 completed skyscrapers over the height of 200 meter and 272 skyscrapers over 150 meter. It also boasts four of the 15 tallest buildings in the world.
In addition, Hong Kong's skyline is often considered to be the best in the world, with the surrounding mountains and Victoria Harbour complementing the skyscrapers. Every night, many skyscrapers and buildings on both sides of Victoria Harbour light up in a synchronized show called A Symphony of Lights, named by the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest permanent light and sound festival in the world.

Lava Lake at Nyiragongo Volcano

Mount Nyiragongo is located inside Virunga National Park, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, about 20 km north of the town of Goma and Lake Kivu. It is one of the most active volcanoes in Africa, and one of eight volcanoes in the Virunga Mountains. The main crater is about two km wide and usually contains a lava lake which appear in the summit crater.
Nyiragongo's lava lake has at times been the most voluminous known lava lake in recent history. The depth of the lava lake varies considerably depending on the activity of the volcano. A maximum elevation of the lava lake was recorded at about 3250 m (10,700 ft) prior to the January 1977 eruption - a lake depth of about 600 m (2000 ft). A recent very low elevation of the lava lake was recorded at about 2700 m (8800 ft).
Not much is known about how long the volcano has been erupting, but since 1882, it has erupted at least 34 times, including many periods where activity was continuous for years at a time, often in the form of a churning lava lake in the crater.

Biggest Machines in the World Ever Built

Nowadays technology is developing at a rapid speed and the demand for the massive machinery is increasing to maximize the production at a faster rate. Not only that, the nations' race on technology resulted in the creation of these monster machines. Now take a look at such world's largest/biggest machines ever built on land, on water, under the water, on land-water-ice and on air.

Antonov An-225 – World's largest and heaviest aircraft

The Antonov An-225 Mriya is a strategic airlift cargo aircraft, designed by the Soviet Antonov Design Bureau. It is the world's heaviest fixed-wing aircraft. The design, built to transport the Buran orbiter, was an enlargement of the successful An-124 Ruslan. The An-225's name, Mriya (Мрiя) means "Dream" (Inspiration) in Ukrainian. The An-225 is commercially available for flying over-sized payloads due to the unique size of its cargo deck. One of the largest machines in the world, there's currently only one aircraft in operation. 


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Hundred Dollar Story

An Indian tourist walks into a curio shop in San Francisco. Looking around at the exotic, he notices a very lifelike, Life-sized bronze statue of a rat.  It has no price tag, But is so striking he decides he must have it. He takes it to the owner: "How much for the bronze rat?"  "Twelve dollars for the rat, one hundred dollars for the Story," says the owner. The tourist gives the man twelve dollars. "I'll just take the rat,you can keep the story."   As he walks down the street carrying his bronze rat, he notices that a few real rats crawl out of the alleys and sewers and begin following him down the street.  This is disconcerting; he begins walking faster. But within a couple of blocks, the herd of rats behind him grows to hundreds, and they begin squealing.  He begins to trot toward the Bay, looking around to see that the rats now numbered in the MILLIONS, and are still squealing and coming towards him faster and faster. Concerned, even scared, he runs to the edge of the Bay and throws the bronze rat as far out into the Bay as he can.  Amazingly, the millions of rats all jump into the Bay after it, and are all drowned. The man walks back to the curio shop. "Ah ha," says the owner, "You have come back for the Story?"   *NOW SCROLL DOWN FURTHER. *  

* * * * *

"No," says the man, "I came back to see if you have a statue of an Indian politician in bronze!!

Top 10 Most Mysterious Places in the World

1. The Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx (Egypt)
Although it is clear the pyramids were used for the burial of pharaohs, the construction, date, and possible symbolism of the Giza pyramids are still not entirely understood. This mystery only adds to the attractiveness of these ancient wonders and many modern people still regard Giza as a spiritual place. A number of fascinating theories have been offered to explain the "mystery of the pyramids". Even the most skeptical visitor cannot help but be awed by the great age, grand scale and harmonic mathematics of the pyramids of Giza.

Giza pyramids


Husband: Hi dear. I'm logged in
Wife: Have you brought the groceries?
Husband: Bad command or file name
Wife: But I told you in the morning ?
Husband: Erroneous syntax. Abort, retry, cancel?
Wife: What about my new TV ?
Husband: Variable not found
Wife: At least, give me your credit card. I need to do some shopping
Husband: Sharing violation. Access denied
Wife: It was a great mistake that I married an idiot like you
Husband: Data type mismatch
Wife: You are useless
Husband: By default
Wife: What about your salary ?
Husband: File in use. Try after some time
Wife: Who was in the car this morning ?
Husband: System is unstable. Press ALT + CTRL + DEL to reboot
Wife: Are you going to have some snacks ?
Husband: File system full
Wife: What is the relation between you and your receptionist ?
Husband: only user with WRITE permission
Wife: What is my value in this family ?
Husband: Unknown virus
Wife: Do you love me or your computer or you're being just funny ?
Husband: Too many parameters!
Wife: I will go to my dad's house.
Husband: This program has performed an illegal operation and will be terminated
Wife: I'll leave you forever
Husband: Close all programs and logout and then login as another user
Wife: It's worthless talking to you
Husband: Shutdown the computer
Wife: I'm going
Husband: It's now safe to turn off your computer

A Polish Divorce

A Polish man moved to the USA and married an American girl.
Although his English was far from perfect, they got along very well.
One day he rushed into a lawyer's office
and asked him if he could arrange a divorce for him.
The lawyer said that getting a divorce would depend on the circumstances,
and asked him the following questions:

Have you any grounds?
Yes, an acre and half and nice little home.

No, I mean what is the foundation of this case?
It made of concrete.

I don't think you understand.
Does either of you have a real grudge?
No, we have carport, and not need one.

I mean what are your relations like?
All my relations still in Poland .

Is there any infidelity in your marriage?
We have hi-fidelity stereo and good DVD player.

Does your wife beat you up?
No, I always up before her.

Is your wife a nagger?
No, she white.

Why do you want this divorce?
She going to kill me.

What makes you think that?
I got proof.

What kind of proof?
She going to poison me.
She buy a bottle at drugstore and put on shelf in bathroom.
I can read English pretty good, and it say:
~~~Polish Remover~~~

सांई बाबा

घर में रखनी चाहिए सांई बाबा की मूर्ति या फोटो

हनुमान जी की आंखों से छलकने लगे आंसू!

मिर्जापुर। क्या आप विश्वास करेंगे कि पवनसुत हनुमान की प्रतिमा से आंसू निकलने लगे। जी हां, ऐसा यूपी के मिर्जापुर के बूढ़ेनाथ मंदिर में हुआ।

जैसे ही आंसू निकलने की खबर फैली। हजारों की संख्या में भीड़ इकट्ठा हो लगी। जैसे तैसे पुलिस प्रशासन को बुलाया गया। प्रशासन ने भीड़ को काबू में किया। आलम ये था कि लोगों ने अपनी झोलियां खोल दी। दान देने लगे।

बताया जा रहा है कि बूढ़ेनाथ मंदिर के पुजारी ने जैसे ही बजरंगबली की प्रतिमा पर घी और सिन्दुर लगाकर पूजा की। उसके कुछ ही देर बाद प्रतिमा से आंसू निकलने लगे।

करीब एक घंटे बाद आंसू बंद हो गया। लोगों का मानना है कि यह सिन्दूर एवं घी की वजह से था लेकिन आस्था के आगे वैज्ञानिक कारण भी फीके पड़ गए थे। जितनी मुंह उतनी बात थी।

इस मंदिर में हर रोज होता है एक अनोखा चमत्कार

भावनगर (गुजरात)। भावनगर शहर में खारगेट चौक के पास यहवर्षो पुराना जगदीश मंदिर है। जगदीश मंदिर यानी की भगवान जगन्नाथ का स्वरूप।

भावनगर शहर में जब भगवान जगन्नाथ की रथयात्रा शुरू हुई तब रथयात्रा के आयोजक भीखूभाई भट्ट ने रथयात्रा की शुरुआत इसी मंदिर से करवाने के पक्ष में थे। हालांकि भीखूभाई के साथ अन्य संबंधितों की भी इस हेतु सहमति बन गई थी, लेकिन जगह की कमी के कारण यह संभव नहीं हो सका। लेकिन भगवान जगन्नाथ का रथ इस मंदिर से होते हुए ही गुजरता है। रथयात्रा के समय भगवान जगन्नाथ के रथ की यहां भव्य पूजा-अर्चना की जाती है।

मंदिर में प्रतिदिन सुबह 10.30 बजे पूजन-अर्चना होती है। यहां भगवान को हांडी (मिट्टी का छोटा मटका) चढ़ाकर मन्नत मांगने का प्रचलन है। श्रद्धालु अपने अपेक्षित कार्य जैसे कि नौकरी, प्रमोशन, शादी-ब्याह, संतान प्राप्ति आदि के लिए मन्नत मांगते समय हांडी चढ़ाते हैं।

हांडी में गर्म भात डाला जाता है। आरती व पंचामृत के बाद पुजारी दोनों हाथों से मटकी लेकर भगवान के सामने थाल में रखते हैं। थाल में रखते ही मटकी के चार टुकड़े हो जाते हैं। सबसे खास बात यह कि मटकी के फूटने के बाद भी चावल का एक भी दाना नीचे नहीं गिरता। लेकिन यहां आने वाले श्रद्धालुओं के लिए यह कोई चामात्कारिक घटना नहीं है। यहां हमेशा श्रद्धालुओं का तांता लगा रहता है।

इस मंदिर में वर्षो से मुख्याजी पुजारी हैं। पीढ़ी दर पीढ़ी इनका परिवार भगवान जगदीश की सेवा करता आ रहा है। मंदिर  में  आने वाले चढ़ावे से ही मंदिर के रख-रखाव का काम होता है। श्रावण मास में इस मंदिर का खास महत्व है।

Dynamic Astronomy Content

Today's Sky





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