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Bhrigu meditated and found that food Is Brahman. From food are born all creatures, By food they grow, and to food they return.
- Taittiriya Upanishad

__._,_.___If the perfection of generosity Were the alleviation of the world's poverty, Then since beings are still starving now In what manner did the previous Buddhas perfect it? The perfection of generosity is said to be The thought to give all beings everything, Together with the fruit of such a thought. Hence it is simply a state of mind.
- Santideva, "Bodhicaryavatara"

This is our Lord's will...that our prayer and our trust be, alike, large.
- St. Julian of Norwich

Let the crucifix be not only in my eyes and on my breast, but in my heart.
- St. Bernadette

The Art of Robert Bateman

The Art of Robert Bateman he's one of the foremost artists depicting the world of nature, his works almost look like being real, Enjoy

Beauty of Landscpe

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Beautiful Poppy Fields

Just in time for Remembrance Day. . . the most beautiful photographs of poppy fields you'll ever see

This spectacular display of blood-red poppy fields was photographed in a moving tribute to soldiers as Britain prepares to remember its fallen heroes this weekend.
The amazing shots were taken by Alan Ranger, 43, at Blackstone Farm nature reserve in Bewdley, Worcestershire, during a one-week window when the poppies appear in full bloom.
Mr Ranger has released the photographs of the poppies - whose seeds can lie dormant in soil for more than 80 years before germinating - in time for Remembrance Sunday on November 11.
Beautiful: Mr Ranger said he is 'always amazed by nature's beauty' and appreciative of what is around himBeautiful: Mr Ranger said he is 'always amazed by nature's beauty' and appreciative of what is around him

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Animation 141

Lots of blanks ~ animations


अपने दोस्त के घर

एक आदमी ने एक घर की घंटी बजाई तो घन्टा सीह्; बाहर आया...

आदमी: बेटा पापा घर पर हैं?

घन्टा सीह्;अंकल, पापा तो बाज़ार गए हैं...

आदमी: चलो बड़े भाई को बुला दो...

घन्टा सीह्;वह क्रिकेट खेलने गया है...

आदमी: बेटा, मम्मी तो होंगी घर पर?

घन्टा सीह्;जी वह किट्टी पार्टी में गई हैं...

आदमी गुस्से में आकर बोला: तो घन्टा सीह्; तुम घर पर क्यों बैठे हुए हो?

तुम भी कहीं चले जाओ...

घन्टा सीह्;जी, मैं भी तो अपने दोस्त के घर आया हुआ हूं..!!!


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