Cute answer

Cute answer :

Girl : what does your heart says about me?

Boy : i don't know,because i gave it to you a long time ago.. ♥

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How to Age Gracefully and Slowly...

How to Age Gracefully and Slowly...

We all want to enjoy as many healthy years as possible. But the secret to a long life is not a simple one, rather, it is made up of many little secrets, that include: Eating habits, daily routines, good genetics, avoidance of certain materials as well as good sleep and good mental health. 
So what ARE these secrets, specifially? Why do some countries have a higher average age than others, while some individuals live significantly longer than 100 years? and what can people do to prolong the life span they have been given at birth, and so spend more time with their family and loved ones? We don't have all of the answers, but we do have some valuable information and recommendations for you!


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There is a city with eleven gates Of which the ruler is the unborn Self, Whose light forever shines. They go beyond Sorrow who meditate on the Self And are freed from the cycle of birth and death. For this Self is supreme!
- Katha Upanishad

If you are afraid of pain, if you don't like it, do nothing evil, either openly or in secret. For if you do, even if you get up and run away you won't escape its pain. If you are afraid of pain, if you don't like it, take refuge in the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha. Train in the precepts. This is good.
- Theri-Gatha, 246-249

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Being touched by one's children is a delight to the body, And listening to them chatter is a joy to the ear.
- Tirukkural 65

When desires go, joy comes. The follower of Buddha finds this truth.
- The Buddha

Junayd received many gifts; and he decided that he would pass the next gift to the barber. Soon afterwards he was sent a bag of gold from Basra; and he took it to the barber. 'What is this?' the barber asked. Junayd replied: 'I decided to pass my next gift to you; and this is it.' The barber exclaimed: 'Have you no shame? You asked me to cut your hair for the sake of God; and now you offer me money! No one can do something for the sake of God, and then take payment for it.'
- Attar, "Junayd"

Hearts on earth say in the course of a joyful experience, I dont want this to ever end. The hearts of those in heaven say, I want this to go on forever. And it will. There is no better news than this.
- J.I. Packer

Reason is a spark kindled by the beating of our heart.
- Apocrypha: Wisdom of Solomon 2:2

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