Golden Pearls

Only one person in the world has revealed the secret of the rare Golden pearls.
Every 5 years, clam must be to produce one gold Pearl.
Золотой жемчуг  (23 фото)

Golden Pearl is a rare variety of pearls, cultivated only in the Philippines. Golden Pearl is valued for its deep colour and almost never a major. Formation of pearls is nothing else but the process of displacement of a foreign body, scallop in the sink. Among gemstones pearls is one of the most enigmatic creations of nature. Different continents sink different from the characteristics of the seabed, its vegetation and the climate depends on the color of the Pearl: from white to black. Less common bluish, pinkish, Orange, Brown and gold pearls. They all are amazing Pearlescent glow.

Top 10 Contributors to Space Exploration

We learn more about the final frontier every day, but the technology that allows us to probe the cosmos did not appear spontaneously. This list recognizes some of the greatest individual contributors to space exploration and our knowledge of the universe. I have ordered this list chronologically.
Claudius Ptolemy
Ptolemy was one of the first astronomers. He developed one of the earliest known models of the universe based on his observations of the night sky. His model placed earth at the center of several “celestial spheres” to which the sun, stars, and other planets were fixed. His model was one of the first to account for the “wandering” of the planets in the night sky. His astronomical treatises the Almagest and the Tetrabiblos cataloged 48 constellations and provided a table for astronomical predictions that were used by future astronomers. The work of Ptolemy formed the basis of astronomy for more than a thousand years.

Skin Facts [infographic]


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