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Saima.. U Looking Great In This Picture
Reena.. Ur Eyes Are Beautiful..
Huma.. U Are Gorgeous..
Ayesha : OMG.. Whatta Wonderfull
Picture..True Beauty .
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She Has Changed Her Profile Picture. She Has Changed Her Profile Picture.
She Has Changed Her Profile Picture...

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Birds makes our surroundings wonderful their chirping sound revive the true charm of nature. They are the necessary for environmental beauty and trees are just incomplete without them. As humans loves their children Birds also do in a same way and baby birds are also dependent on their parents as human’s babies.

Happy Dipavali

15 things you Should know About breasts

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Whatever you are doing, seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, eating, or saying, realize your essential nature as pure Consciousness. This is the way to liberation.
- Maharamayana

Clearly, buddha-dharma is not practiced for one's own sake, and even less for the sake of fame and profit. Just for the sake of buddha-dharma you should practice it. All buddhas' compassion and sympathy for sentient beings are neither for their own sake nor for the sake of others. It is just the nature of buddha-dharma.
- Dogen, "Moon in a Dewdrop"



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