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Underwater Graveyard Of Ships - Operation Hailstone

Operation Hailstone was a massive naval air and surface attack launched on February 16–17, 1944, during World War II by the United States Navy against the important Japanese naval and air base at Truk in the Caroline Islands, a pre-war Japanese territory.

At first glance, this looks like a lagoon tropical paradise, but a secret is in hiding ... under the thick layer of blue water lays the largest ship graveyard in the world. 
Truk Islands - a group of small islands in the archipelago of the Caroline Islands in the southwest Pacific. During the Second World War the largest naval base in Japan was situated here. On February 17, 1944 the Americans launched the military operation "Hailstone," which resulted in the sinking of 60 Japanese vessels.


1. We descend to the depth and the echoes of the first encounter of the Second World

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