एक ही बार निर्विरोध हुआ है राष्ट्रपति चुनाव

नई दिल्ली। अगले राष्ट्रपति पद के चुनाव के लिए सभी राजनीतिक दलों में किसी एक के नाम पर आम सहमति बनाने की हलचल बनी हुई है। सभी दल एक दूसरे से मुलाकात करके अपना चुनिंदा उम्मीदवार बनाने के प्रयास कर रहे हैं। लेकिन आजादी के बाद से सिर्फ एक बार ही ऎसा हुआ है कि कोई व्यक्ति इस सर्वोच्च पद पर निर्विरोध चुना गया। वह थे डा. नीलम संजीव रेड्डी।

1977 के राष्ट्रपति चुनाव में रेड्डी को निर्विरोध चुन लिया गया था। ऎसा नहीं है कि उनके खिलाफ कोई चुनाव में नहीं उतरा था। राष्ट्रपति पद के इस सातवें चुनाव में कुल 37 उम्मीदवारों ने नामांकन पत्र भरे थे। जिनमे से 36 के पर्चे खारिज हो गए और रेड्डी निर्विरोध चुन लिए गए।

चौथे राष्ट्रपति चुनाव में सबसे अधिक उम्मीदवार
राष्ट्रपति के चुनाव में उम्मीदवारों की संख्या को देखा जाए तो सबसे अधिक 15 उम्मीदवार चौथे राष्ट्रपति चुनाव में खड़े हुए थे। इस चुनाव में कांग्रेस उम्मीदवार डा. जाकिर हुसैन विजयी हुए थे। यह पहला चुनाव था जिसमें विपक्ष ने एकजुट होकर न्यायमूर्ति कोटा सुब्बाराब को संयुक्त प्रत्याशी बनाया था। इस चुनाव में जीत का अंतर अन्य चुनावों की तुलना में सबसे कम था और सर्वाधिक आठ उम्मीदवारों का खाता भी नहीं खुला था1 डा. जाकिर हुसैन अल्पसंख्यक समुदाय से पहले राष्ट्रपति थे। इसी चुनाव में पहली बार कोई महिला राष्ट्रपति चुनाव में उतरी। वह थी मनोहरा होल्कर।

10 Fascinating Facts About Castles

Castles aren’t the popular form of residence they once were. Mostly because advancements in civilization have rendered them obsolete. But there was a time when castles were a practical real estate choice, as both a sign and means to protect wealth. Now these sort of accommodations are much more discreet, yet there are plenty of ways to let the world know you’re successful than to build a pile of stone that is visible from far distances (Donald Trump notwithstanding). Let’s go back in time to when castles were in and technology was out. Here are ten interesting castle facts.
Fact: No Toilets (at least not as we know them).
This is perhaps one of the most uncomfortable features of the castle, as if the castle weren’t uncomfortable enough; there were no toilets, but rather little constructions called “garderobes,” a hole through which users would aim their waste products, which would ultimate go through shoots which wound up in the surrounding moats. Adding to the wretchedness, these “bathrooms” were often cold and breezy, hardly conducive to progress. Another gross detail: the “garderobe” was called such as residents would keep their clothing inside, as the odor would repel insects (and any human with a sense of smell, most likely).

Glorious Macro Photography of Nature By Magdalena Wasiczek

Colour Striped Icebergs

Icebergs are formed when large blocks of ice breaks off from glaciers ice shelf and is floating in open water. Because glaciers are built up from snow falling on the Antarctic continent over millennia, this ice consists of pure fresh water. This floating chunk of freshwater ice then interacts with seawater beneath them it.
As seawater is drawn deep under the ice shelves by the oceanic currents, it becomes supercooled and freezes to the base of the ice shelf. Because this ice is formed from seawater that contains organic matter and minerals it causes variety of colour and texture to the iceberg. As the bergs become fragmented and sculpted by the wind and waves, the different coloured layers can develop striking patterns.
Striped icebergs in a variety of colours, including brown, black, yellow, and blue has been spotted in freezing waters around Antarctica. These following images were photographed by Norwegian sailor Oyvind Tangen, on board a research ship around 1,700miles south of Cape Town and 660miles north of the Antarctic in 2008. Photo credit.

Skellig Michael and the Ancient Monastery in the Middle of the Ocean

Skellig Michael, which means Michael's rock in Irish language, also known as Great Skellig, is a steep rocky island in the Atlantic Ocean 12 km off the coast of south-west Ireland. Perched high at the summit of a 230-metre-high rock is an ancient monastery probably founded during the 7th century. For 600 years the island was a centre of monastic life for Irish Christian monks. The monks lived in stone 'beehive' huts perched above nearly vertical cliff walls totally cut-off from the rest of the world by vast expanse of water, except for the occasional Viking invaders who raided the monastery from time to time.
Skellig Michael is an outstanding example of an early religious settlement deliberately sited on a pyramidal rock in the ocean, preserved because of a remarkable environment. The very spartan conditions inside the monastery illustrate the ascetic lifestyle practiced by early Irish Christians. Because of the extreme remoteness of Skellig Michael, the island has until recently discouraged visitors. This kept the site exceptionally well preserved.

birds photos

Some of the World’s Smallest Animals

This is the list of some of the smallest animals on the planet. Even the most ferocious animals look cute when they are tiny. They look adorable even when they are all grown up. Take a look at these cute mini-animals.
Some of the Worlds Smallest Animals
Ducky(short-coat Chihuahua)- 1.4 pounds, 4.9 inces tall

Bunny's Ideas For Suicide

Suicide is the act of intentionally causing one's own death. Over one million people die by suicide every year. There are different reasons for suicide and there are different ways in which suicide occurs. Here are some funny methods to get oneself killed which is demonstrated by a bunny. This drawing is just for fun anyway, all I could say is - "DO NOT TRY THIS"


Birds' Nests In Unusual Places (12 Photos)
A mother thrush laid five eggs in the engine of a hired minibus at Claro Barracks, Catterick Garrison, North Yorkshire. The Army had been renting the vehicle for 30 pounds a day and have to wait for the birds to fly the nest before they can return it; it has cost them about £1,000 so far.

Three Gorges Dam on Yangtze River [China]

Urs-2012-Sultan-E-Hind Khwaja Gharib Nawaz


Nizam Gate

Buland Darwaza

Nizam Gate
Mir Osman Ali Khan, The Nizam of Hyderabad Deccan,erected the main gate of the Dargah Sharif in 1911 A.D.

Beautiful flowers

Beautiful flowers? Look a little closer and you'll see these stunning bouquets are actually drops of paint 

At first glance, these incredible images look like still-life portraits of flowers.
But far from being drawn in the traditional way, they are created by photographing fast-moving droplets of paint as they fall through the air.
Artist Jack Long, 53, spends months painstakingly planning and testing each work before capturing them with a high-speed camera.
Blooming marvellous! This stunning floral picture was created by photographing a droplet of paint falling through the air after months of painstaking planning and testingBlooming marvellous! This stunning floral picture was created by photographing a droplet of paint falling through the air after months of painstaking planning and testing

Moon Bridge In Taipei

Stunning and serene: Incredible images of the Moon Bridge in Taipei capture this magical, misty landscape

Morning mist hangs in the calm, still air adding to the dream-like magic of this tranquil setting in Taiwan. 
The crystal clear water allows for a perfect reflection of an upside down world, almost playing tricks on the mind.
With scenery like this, it is no wonder that Taiwan was formerly known as the Beautiful Island - Ilha Formosa - to the West. 
These remarkable, soft blue, monochrome pictures of The Moon Bridge, in DaHu (Big Lake) Park in Taipei, northern Taiwan, were taken by an arguably talented photographer, known simply as bbe022001 on Flickr. 
The park itself in fact sits close to the industrial centre of Taiwan. The northern Neihu district of Taipei is famous for its IT industry and large shopping complexes. 
But its parks and impressive mountains, dotted with temples and holy shrines, are unforgettably breathtaking.
Taiwan has more than 200 mountains that soar above 3,000 meters in height, and the unique geology and topography have created countless alluring landscapes and coastal scenes.
Stunning: The sun cuts through the mist at DaHu park, Taipei, creating a photograph that looks more like a perfect paintingthe mist at DaHu park, Teipei, creating a photograph that looks more like a perfect paintingStunning: The sun cuts through the mist at DaHu park, Taipei, creating a photograph that looks more like a perfect painting

Sankore Masjid - Timbuktu

Skirt Length Guidelines

skirt length

5 famous giants

Gigantism has been viewed differently throughout recorded history, but starting around the 1800s those afflicted started earning something of a celebrity status. What follows are five famous cases.
Trijntje Keever (1616 – 1633)
Given the charming nickname of De Groote Meid (“The Big Girl” in English), Keever is believed to be the tallest female in recorded history. Her last measuring put her at 8 feet and 4 inches. However, at age nine she was already 6 feet and 7 inches, making her taller than most adults in Europe. Think about that for a second: she wasn’t even a teenager and she could dunk over most of the NBA.
When she was younger her parents decided to cash in on God’s interesting design by taking her to carnivals wherepeople had to pay for the simple privilege of looking at her. While that may seem like a scam by today’s sideshow standards (couldn’t they have made her dance at least?), the gimmick seemed to work: at one point the royal family of Bohemia paid her a visit because they simply couldn’t believe what they were hearing.
trijntje keever
They were not disappointed.
Unfortunately, Keevermania stopped running wild at age seventeen when she died of cancer. Her original shoes (which are still on display) measure at fourteen inches long. Based on an anonymous painting of Keever (above), it’s been suggested that she may have suffered from acromegaly.


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