Understanding PAN Card

Last job

Interviewer: Why Did U Leave Ur Last job?

PK: The Company Shifted Their 0ffice & Didn't Tell Me Where it is...!! 


Wife to husband :- I hate you.

Husband :- What a coincidence

animated gif 11

Tumhara naam Kya h?

boy :Tumhara naam Kya h?

Girl:Mina,or tumhara?

Boy :Kamina

Girl:Jhoot mat bolo

Boy :Tu 5 min pas me baith k dekhle,Tu isi naam se bulayegi.

Do U Love me?

Girl: Do U Love me?

Boy: Yes, I Do ...

Girl: How Much?

Boy: I Love U So Much, I Can't Measure

Girl: No Just Tell Me

Boy: OK, I'm Like A Cell Phone & You're My Sim Card, I'm Nothing Without U.





Girl: Aaww That's So Romantic ..

Boy (Saying Himself): Thank God She Doesn't Know, This is a Chinese Phone,

With Three Sim Cards ..


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