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O Master, Tell me how to find Detachment, wisdom, and freedom! Child, If you wish to be free, Shun the poison of the senses. Seek the nectar of truth, Of love and forgiveness, Simplicity and happiness.
- Ashtavakra Gita 1:1-2

When you see others errors and you want to guide them because you think they are wrong and you feel compassion for them, you should employ tact to avoid angering them, and contrive to appear as if you were talking about something else.
- Tact, Dogen

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White On white: Arctic Foxes In Canada

White on white: Arctic foxes in Canada photographed by Anna Henly

An Arctic fox emerges from the mist. Apart from its nose and eyes, it is barely visible against the snowy backdrop. The award-winning image was one of many captured by British photographer Anna Henly at the Seal River, in Manitoba, Canada. 

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These are just too cute !!

These are just too cute !! 

Beautiful Women in Paintings

Women in Paintings


शराबी अपनी पत्नी के मार से बचने के लिए किताब खोल कर बेठ जाता है

पत्नी= आजे फ़िर से दारु पी कर आए हो ?
पति= ना नही तो
पत्नी= तो फ़िर ब्रिफ़केस खोल कर क्यो बेठे हो 

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