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Flower Mandalas...

Flower Mandalas by Kathy Klein:

Flower Mandalas by Kathy Klein plants land art flowers


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Foggy Morning

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Computer Help

Last week my wife and I purchased a new computer. We ran into some difficulties while setting it up so we called the customer support phone number we found in the manual.

I picked up the phone and called the number. A man answered the phone and I explained the problem to him.

He began rattling off computer jargon. This confused us even more.

"Sir," I said politely, "Can you explain what I should do as if I were a small child?"

"Okay," the computer support guy said, "Son, could you please put your mommy on the phone?"


एक बै मुख्यमंत्री को शिकायत मिली कि हरयाणा  रोडवेज के कंडक्टर बहुत बदतमीजी से बोलते हैं । 

उसने फौरन आदेश दिया कि हर  एक कंडक्टर हरेक बात से पहले "कृपया" लगायेगा ।

 एक बै एक बस में कई मौलड़ चढ़ लिये और खिड़की पर लटक लिये । 

थोड़ी हाण पाच्छै कंडक्टर आया अर बोल्या - कृपा करकै आगे-नै मर ल्यो !!


क्या आप जानते हैँ "कालीदास" का एक भाई है जो जूते बनाता है ?
उसका नाम "एडीडास"है |

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our work phones

The phone bill was exceptionally high.. Man called a family meeting to discuss.

Dad: "this is unacceptable. I don't use home phone, i use my work phone".

Mum: "Me too. I hardly use home phone."

Son: Ii use my office mobile I never use the home phone.

Al of them shocked n together look at the maid who's patiently listening to them

Maid: "what? So we all use our work phones. What’s the Big deal?

Amazing Gallery Of Wildlife Images

Who's bringing the chips? Otter enjoying a fish supper is just one photo in amazing gallery of wildlife images

A startled otter stares at the lens while enjoying a snack. Meanwhile, a green hairy spider camouflages itself against some foliage... and two flamingos kiss.
These incredible pictures, and more, will be on display later this month when 20 of the world’s greatest wildlife photographers gather in London and reveal the secrets of their art.
Hosted by zoologist and conservationist Mark Carwardine and wildlife expert and TV presenter Chris Packham,WildPhotos - the UK’s largest wildlife photography show - takes place at the Royal Geographical Society on October 19 and 20.
Scroll down for video
A giant otter eating a fish is one of the images that will be on display at the WildPhotos exhibition in London on October 19 and 20Snack attack: A giant otter eating a fish is one of the images that will be on display at the WildPhotos exhibition in London on October 19 and 20

Religious Thought 066

My Guru told me;"Trust me. I tell you; you are divine. Take it as the absolute truth. Your joy is divine, your suffering is divine too. All comes from God. Remember it always. You are God, your will alone is done." I did believe him and soon realized how wonderfully true and accurate were his words.
- Nisargadatta Maharaj

One whose beyond or not-beyond or beyond-&-not-beyond can't be found; unshackled, carefree: he's what I call a brahmin. Sitting silent, dustless, absorbed in jhana, his task done, effluents gone, ultimate goal attained: he's what I call a brahmin.
- Dhammapada, 26, translated by Thanissaro Bhikkhu

There is a key for everything, and the key to Paradise is to love the poor.
- Hadith The Prophet Muhammad (SAW), as reported by Ibn Umar

The first duty of love - is to listen.
- Paul Tillich

Beware of a pious fool, and of a wise sinner.
- Ibn Gabirol, Mibhar HaPeninim

sehat acchchi rehti hai….

PK Bhai : Aap to kehte the ki subah subah khelne se sehat acchchi rehti hai…. par mujhe to koi fark nahi pada

Dr. : Tum kaunsa game khelte ho?

PK Bhai : Mobile pe saanp wala


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