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Facebook Ke Baher Duniya

Papa: Beta Facebook KeBaher Bhi Ek Duniya Hai. .!


.Beta: O Really Papa???Jara Link To $end Karna Uska

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finally I found out...

finally I found out...n wanna share with u.....
The woman who invented the phrase "All guys are the same" was a Chinese woman who lost her husband in a crowd in China, she had real tough time to locate her husband......

n finally came out with this intelligent phrase.............

Which One Is Cuter!

Which One Is Cuter!


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World Factoids

1. Sudan Has More Pyramids Than Egypt
Sudanese pyramids  photo source

Sudan has more pyramids than any other country on Earth - even more than Egypt. There are at least 223 pyramids in the Sudanese cities of Al Kurru, Nuri, Gebel Barkal and Meroë. They are generally 20 to 30 metres (65 -100 ft) high and steep sided.


Shake them eyes2
Shake them eyes


रोटी मे नमक

ताऊ बनवारी( भतेरी से) - लगता , आज तो रोटी मे नमक बहुत ज्यादा डाल दिया है। 

ताई भतेरी - ना जी ना ,आज तो मैँ नमक डालना ही भुल गई थी।

ताऊ बनवारी - :-D तुम्हे कितनी बार कहा है कि सर्दी मे आटा गूँथते वक्त नाक मत पौँछा कर।

for x-mas

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Digital Wallpapers

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All minds are created by ego--the separative sense of "I." All these expressions of individuality, however highly developed, are the impulses of the force of evolution. And of these, only the mind born of meditation is free from the latent impressions that generated desire.
- The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, 4:4-6

Neither from itself nor from another, Nor from both, Nor without a cause, Does anything whatever, anywhere arise.
- Nagarjuna, "Mulamadhyamaka-Karika"

You will not be able to give anyone happiness by means of your wealth, so do it by means of a cheerful countenance and good humor.
- The Prophet Muhammad in Qushayri: al-Risalat al-Qushayriyya

We are living in a world that is absolutely transparent, and God is shining through it all the time.
- Thomas Merton

Moral action is the meeting place between the human and the divine.
- Leon Roth, "Jewish Civilization"


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