Beautiful Birds Paintaings

Birds are an independent creation of God which feel free fly on the blue sky and keep themselves away from us. However one way to capture them is their beautiful and color painting. An amazing album consist of beautiful birds paintings are here. Take a glance and capture a bit for yourself too.. 
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Beautiful Waterfalls

Alberta Falls, Colorado

Iguazu Falls, Brazil and Argentina

Lisbon Falls, South Africa

Snoqualmie Falls, Washington

Victoria Falls, Zambia

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Daily Gifdump

Daily Gifdump

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Daily Gifdump

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Daily Gifdump

Thread Paintings by Cayce Zavaglia

Thread Paintings by Cayce Zavaglia textiles painting embroidery

Religious Thought 067

Those who worship me and meditate on me constantly, without any other thought, I will provide for all their needs. Those who worship other gods with faith and devotion also worship me, Arjuna, even if they do not observe the usual forms. I am the object of all worship, its enjoyer and Lord.
- Bhagavad Gita 9:22-24

What is laughter, what is joy, when the world is ever burning? Shrouded by darkness, would you not seek the light?
- Dhammapada 146

A true Muslim is the one who does not defame or abuse others; but the truly righteous becomes a refuge for humankind, their lives and their properties.
- Hadith The Prophet Muhammad (SAW), as narrated by Abd'Allah bin Amr

By the time the average Christian gets his temperature up to normal, everybody thinks he has a fever!
- Watchman Nee

It is not your obligation to complete the task [of perfecting the world], but neither are you free to desist [from doing all you can].
- Ethics of the Fathers 2:16

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Sardar In Hotel

Sardar In Hotel - Me Yaha nahi Rahunga .Mere Paise Wapas karo. Itna chota room! Muje Janwar Samjha Hai Kya ???

Waiter - Mere Baap Room Me chal ! Ye LIFT hai...!!!


Animation 088

chhamma chhamma


Fantasy Art 012


Fantacy Art 011



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