10 Strangest Defense Mechanisms In Nature

We are all aware of the fight or flight principle in biology, where an animal responds to a threat by facing the enemy or fleeing from it. There are some fascinating ways that nature deals with these threats. This list will show the ten animals (plus a bonus entry) with the weirdest defense mechanisms.
Flying Fish
There are many creatures with the power of flight but this feature is generally not attributed to fish. Flying fish are able to jump out of the water and fly or glide for long distances. This is used as a defense mechanism to escape from predators.
The flying fish has a streamlined, torpedo-shaped body which helps it gain enough energy to break through the surface of the water. To get out of the water, the fish swims at speeds of up to 37 miles (60 km) per hour. The fish’s pectoral fins have evolved into large wings which allows the fish to become airborne. Once it is out of the water, it can fly for up to 656 feet (200 meters), using its tail fin as a sort of propeller. In 2008 in Japan, a flying fish was observed gliding for a record 45 seconds.

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