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21 Mahakaleshwar

21 Mahakaleshwar no one has ever seen before

According to Hindu scriptures, worshiping Lord Shiva in the month of Sawan fulfills all wishes. Visiting the 12 Jyotirlings during the holy month of Sawan is also of particular importance. All of these 12

Jyotirlings have their own distinct characteristic. But the only one
Jyotirling among 12, which faces the south direction, is Mahakaleshwar.

This Jyotirling is situated in the religious capital of Madhya Pradesh in Ujjain. Local residents of this city consider Mahakal to be their King. It is their belief that every Sawan, their King Mahakal sits
on his vehicle and takes the round of the entire city asking for
people’s well being.

Apart from this, there are many other ancient stories famous about Mahakaleshwar. The amazing dressing and makeup of Mahakal attracts every human here.


Bhang Mahakleshwar

Ghatatop Mahakleshwar

Kesar Chandan Mahakleshwar

Sri Ganesha Mahakleshwar

Rudra Mahakleshwar

Sehra Mahakleshwar

Adhbhut Mahakleshwar

Panchmeva Mahakleshwar

Akarshak Mahakleshwar

Akarshak Mahakleshwar

Bhasma Mahakleshwar

The after Bhasma Mahakleshwar

Bhasmabharti Shringar

Panchamrit Mahakleshwar

Vastavik Mahakleshwar

This how Mahakaleshwar used to look many years ago

The present look of Mahakaleshwar

In the month of Sawan and Bhado, Lord Shiva’s royal ride is extracted. This is the amazing view of the ride.

Mahakal’s sawari


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