Top 10 Most Dangerous Guns In The World

A gun is a muzzle or breech-loaded projectile-firing weapon. There are various definitions depending on the nation and branch of service. The term "gun" has also taken on a more generic meaning, by which it has come to refer to any one of a number of trigger-initiated, hand-held, and hand-directed implements, especially with an extending bore, which thereby resemble the class of weapon in either form or concept. So here we bring you the 10 most deadliest gun in the world.

Richat Structure: Eye Of The Sahara

The Richat Structure, also known as the Eye of the Sahara, is a prominent circular feature in the Sahara desert of west–central Mauritania near Ouadane. Surrounded by thousands of square miles of nearly featureless desert, this 40-50 km in diameter series of concentric circles is readily visible from space. This prominent circular feature in the Sahara desert has attracted attention since the earliest space missions because it looks like a gigantic bull’s-eye.
Richat Structure is not the site of an ancient meteor crater, as many people originally postulated. These concentric circles are actually alternating layers of sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous rocks that were pushed upward in a symmetrical anticline, geologic dome, from below due to a small incursion of magma. The structure is a deeply eroded. The sedimentary rock exposed in this dome range in age from Late Proterozoic (2.5 billion years) within the center of the dome to Ordovician (480 million years) sandstone around its edges.
Initially interpreted as an asteroid impact structure because of its high degree of circularity, it is now argued to be a highly symmetrical and deeply eroded geologic dome. Despite extensive field and laboratory studies, geologists have found a lack of any credible evidence for shock metamorphism or any type of deformation indicative of an extraterrestrial impact.

Qiandao Lake: The Thousand Island Lake and Ancient Submerged Cities

Qiandao Lake or the Thousand Island Lake is located in Zhejiang, China, about 150 kilometers from the city of Hangzhou. It is an artificial lake formed after the completion of the Xin'an River hydroelectric station. In 1959, in order to build the Xin'anjiang Reservoir the valley was flooded with water resulting in a lake or reservoir 573 square km in area and with a storage capacity of 17.8 cubic km. The lake is so called because it is dotted with 1,078 large islands and a few thousand smaller ones across it.
Qiandao Lake, known for its clear, and sometimes drinkable water, is used to produce the renowned Nongfu Spring brand of mineral water. It is also home to lush forests (over 90%), and exotic islands. In recent times, it's been turned into a tourist spot with themed islands that include Bird Island, Snake Island, Monkey Island, Lock Island (featuring supposedly the world's biggest lock), and the Island to Remind You of Your Childhood.
But what lies underneath the lake is perhaps more interesting and worthy than the lake itself.
Before the valley was flooded, there stood at the foot of the Wu Shi mountain (Five Lion Mountain) two magnificent ancient cities - Shi Cheng and He Cheng. Shi Cheng was built more than 1300 years ago in 621 AD during the Tang dynasty (AD 618-907) and was once the center of politics, economics and culture. He Cheng is even older: established in 208 AD during the Han dynasty (AD 25 - 200) as a business hub along the Xin'anjiang River.

Attractive Nature Photography By Riaad Algarei

Photographer Riaad Algarei imprisons fascinating and charming images from more than a few landscapes approximately the earth. Importance is place on the separate and vivacious colors fashioned by glow and dissimilar surroundings. Cavernous valley, out of this world views and surprising gorge and rock structure are in the middle of the subject in Algarei’s photo characteristic. An only one of its kind viewpoint is shown to every landscape through intensifying the actual grandness and immensity of the subject matter substance and importance the attractiveness in the piece of music of colors.  Check out these cool images.
Attractive Captivating Photos (5)

Astonishing Showcase of Nature Photography

cold mountain
Photography is considered to be an art and an owner of a camera can do amazing things with it, without any necessary native talent. Nature is all around us, and its beauties are unlimited. Nature photography is the photography of wildlife and the scenery surrounding it and can easily be captured with a quality digital SLR just by stepping outside. Good nature photography is about much more than just perfect lighting. There is also attention to detail, and creativity in composition. It often boils down to patience and how much effort you are prepared to make to get a result. Below we present to you a collection of nature photography shots that would really took your breath away. We hope you will enjoy your visit!

Beautiful Pics

10 Amazing Facts about Brain

1.Your brain uses less power than your refrigerator light
The brain uses 12 watts of power. Over the course of a day, your brain uses the amount of energy contained in two large bananas. Curiously, even though the brain is very efficient, it's an energy hog. It is only 3 per cent of the body's weight, but consumes 1/6 (17 per cent) of the body's total energy. Most of its energy costs go into maintenance; the added cost of thinking hard is barely noticeable.


Artistic Architecture


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