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Living, Growing Architecture

Fascinating Living, Growing Architecture

Still-living plants can themselves be shaped into bridges, tables, ladders, chairs, sculptures - even buildings. Known variously as botanical architecture, tree sculpture, tree-shaping, tree-grafting, pooktre, arborsculpture, and arbortecture, the craft is, essentially, construction with living plants.
Includes pictures from the root bridges of India to living islands!
1. Root Bridges of India 

In the depths of northeastern India, in one of the wettest places on earth, bridges aren't built -- they're grown.

(images credit: Vanlal Tochhawng)

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Poinsettia Care

Poinsettias can flourish in a home or office environment. With care, Poinsettias should retain their beauty for weeks and some varieties will stay attractive for months. Just follow these simple steps:



The result

Markets silent

Streets empty

The police at rest

All mobile companies in loss


No Flowers

No Valentine

No Candles

No Perfumes

All the men directed to Heaven.

Bizarre Stomach Churning Natural Remedies

For much of mankind’s history, doctors fumbled in the dark when it came to medicine. So much about disease and illnesses was unknown. One thing was understood: the human body has an amazing capacity to heal itself given time and opportunity, but when the condition just wouldn’t go away, it was time for intervention. Quite often, that meant something deeply unpleasant for both doctor and patient, as will be seen in these 10 weird natural remedies that may make you feel a bit sick.
Caveat lector: These so-called “cures” are complete nonsense at best, revolting, dangerous, unethical, and/or poisonous at worst. Do not, under any circumstances, try these at home or anywhere else. And if you don’t have a strong stomach, don’t read any further.
Cure a Toothache
Torture a Mole
This comes from a seventeenth century book of medical advice: to cure toothache, take a live mole, pop it into a brass pot, clap on the lid, and let it die an agonizing death from dehydration and/or starvation. Once the poor creature’s suffering is at an end, chop up its tiny, furry corpse, remove the innards, and dry the rest near the fire. Hold the now mummified mole parts to your sore face. Don’t have the guts to listen to the mole’s desperate struggles to escape your cruel trap? Another book advises cutting off the foot of a live mole and hanging it around the neck. This method was also used to try and soothe teething babies. Nothing says, “Mommy loves you,” quite like freshly mutilated animal parts.


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Finding freedom in this life, The seeker takes nothing to heart, Neither duty nor desire. He has nothing to do But to live out his life. The master lives beyond the boundaries of desire. Delusion or the world, Meditation on the truth, Liberation itself-- What are they to him?
- Ashtavakra Gita 18: 13-14

He knows his former lives. He sees heavens and states of woe, has attained the ending of birth, is a sage who has mastered full-knowing, his mastery totally mastered: he's what I call a brahmin.
- Dhammapada 423, translated by Thanissaro Bhikkhu

Unusual, National Costumes At Miss Universe Contest

From chocolate dresses to china-plated gowns and oyster bikinis: The most unique national costumes from Miss Universe 

  • Women from around the world competed at the 61st annual Miss Universe pageant last week, where each contestant was asked to model an outfit representative of their own nation.
Giving the Victoria's Secret fashion show a run for its money, the beauty queens' oversize costumes were as clever as they were crazy.
From orange oysters to banana bras, coral reef wings and dresses made from chocolate, the 88 beauty queens that competed during the two-hour competition in Las Vegas, showed of the most bizarre 'national' costumes yet.
Miss Venezuela: Irene Sofia Esser Quintero wore a box of chocolate on her head, with her boots, skirt and shoulders all made out of delicious chocolate pieces Miss Venezuela: Irene Sofia Esser Quintero wore a box of chocolate on her head, with her boots, skirt and shoulders all made out of delicious chocolate pieces
Alyssa Cruz Aguero, competing as Miss Guam, used her country's incredibly rare orange oysters to make a skimpy bikini bottom with matching accessories.

Beautiful Landscapes by various photographers

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Beautiful Day by Raymó

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