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Rebuilding of the Temple 12 the end of the 13th century continued until the century. The most interesting thing in this temple temples. A very special temple. Purpose other temples in this temple, is no different from the architectural and artistic. Single trees are different here. This makes it a very special temple.

Trees gave it an air of mystical and mysterious temple. As soon as the temple, the temple, make sure that the sight of trees şaşkınlığımızdan mouths wide open, as our eyes dart bakakalıyoruz slots. Nidasından marvel at our mouth is not doing anything else. I know the root of the trees grown in the soil and soil emit. The trees, is not the case at all. Rooted and grew up on the buildings down. They are not shrub-like tree, they are very, very big and big ones. If the roots of other booze. Such clusters are not fringe. These massive roots.

Buildings, such as the roots of trees have committed to one vote. Give a stunning picture. Where bulmuşlarsa entered a crack, a crack where have they arrived. The same as a needle and embroidery work. I used embroidery done on the pulleys. Here, too, hoop buildings, trees, roots, and this gives life to shape and embroidery yarns. Here once more we see that the nature of a larger artisans.

There are two types of vegetation in the area. One of them is huge and with a high silk cotton tree called trees. The other is smaller and emerging green leaves clinging to the walls, and the fig tree is a kind of gray roots. Green, gray and brown tie exceptional worth a visit. In addition to being as beautiful as the landscape startles us, how much you believe in inspiring author and filmmaker. This place is a place that encourages people to paint the canvas to come up with. Most of the line can be seen in the movies, and only think of as a temple of dreams. Sight of the fact that entering the shock. Of course, this shock is not lethal. Exhilarating.

Come out of the shock, it starts to look better ourselves, to come around, the trees, with roots that support the walls of the temple are hundreds of years old, but also may lead to the collapse of the walls for cracks comment on the expansion of the companies are doing with their roots. Some of the trees because of the storms could harm the buildings fell on them, seeing some of the sights we understand this situation. This is the only temple in view of the trees, the other did not find the temples. This is often found in a forest in the same area and the same in all the temples of the trees should grow up thinking the same way.

To avoid damage to trees, temples and other temples are cleaned by the end, we learn only as an example of this temple are locked. Good thing too. For centuries, wars, talanlara, these works of art were destroyed and resisting yıkılmalara nature, rain, floods, storms and putting it against the damage caused by trees have survived to this day. Happily survived. Or humanity, humanity does not see this magnificent work.

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