Whimsical Rock Formations at Little Finland, Nevada

Deep in the Nevada desert reachable by an off-beaten track called Gold Butte Byway, lies a fascinating area that few people know about. It’s known by various names such as Little Finland, Hobgoblin's Playground and Devil's Fire. This is a place where wind and water have sculpted red sandstone rock into fantastical shapes that is rarely seen anywhere else. Like a fanciful mirage, fiery sandstone fins and bizarre shaped mythical beasts springs from the desert floor. With little bit of imagination you can faces of people and wild animals that have been formed by the eroding sandstone, making for endless photographic possibilities. A few of these odd shaped formations have taken on descriptive names, such as the Ancient Elephant, Little Dinosaur and Big Nose.
Little Finland is so called because the rock formations here can seem to look like fins, but “Hobgoblin's Playground” sounds more appropriate. Akin to the nearby Valley of Fire, just 30 km from this place, this red rock setting was formed millions of years ago shaped by wind erosion and occasional heavy rains, a process known as Aeolian.

Stunning Photos of Waves by Nick Selway

These incredible pictures capture the stunning moment waves roll on to a tropical beach. Photographers Nick Selway, 28, and pal CJ Kale, 35, position themselves in the magnificent Hawaiian water – and then wait for the waves to crash into their heads. Their only equipment are standard cameras, but a waterproof case means they do not need to sacrifice their cameras for their art.
Nick Selway was born and was raised in Lake Stevens, WA on a lake along the North Cascade MT. Growing up surrounded by mother nature's beauty he always had an appreciation for it. He started photographing nature's beauty and light at the age of 19.
CJ Kale is no stranger to the area, raised in Hawaii on the Waianae coast. He spent his days in the surf and outdoors exploring the beauty of nature and learned early on that he had a love for the outdoors and a passion for photography.
Together with CJ Kale, Nick Selway runs a Fine Art Photography business in downtown Kona called "Lava Light Galleries" where he sells his Fine Art prints.

Alnwick Poison Garden

The Alnwick Poison Garden is one of the many public gardens attached to Alnwick Castle in Northumberland, England. The castle itself is the second largest in Great Britain. The Alnwick Poison Garden boasts some of the world's most dangerous plants, hence the name. Behind big black gates, the carefully curated garden contains about 100 varieties illegal narcotics including poppies, which are used to make opium, the poisonous Atropa belladonna (also known as deadly nightshade), Strychnos nux-vomica (used to make strychnine), Coca (from which cocaine is produced), hemlock (used to kill Socrates), cannabis and more.
Although the Poison Garden is a recent addition, the history of the Alnwick Gardens goes back to 1750, following centuries old tradition of botanical interest in poisonous and toxic plants. The gardens have a long history under the Dukes of Northumberland, but fell into disrepair after World War 2.
The current Duchess of Northumberland decided to revamp the gardens when she became mistress of Alnwick Castle. The project began around 2000, but she did not begin the Poison Garden until five years later. Inspired by the garden near Padua, Italy which was once used by the Medici's to find better ways to kill their enemies, the Duchess decided to build a garden that was filled with narcotic, poisonous and deadly plants. The initial design included some medicinal plants, but she had them removed to maintain the concept of the Poison Garden.


1.80% of the brain is water.This means that it is
important that you remain properly hydrated for
the sake of your mind.

2.Our brain is more active at night as compared to

3. Information travels along neurons at different
speeds. This is why sometimes you can recall
information instantly, and sometimes it takes a little

4.Our brain makes up only 2% of our body weight
yet it requires 20% of oxygen that enters our

5. Alcohol interferes with brain processes by
weakening connections between neurons.

6. Laughing at a joke is no simple task as it require s
activity in five different areas of the brain.

7. Differences in brain weight and size do not equal
differences in mental ability. The weight of Albert
Einstein’s brain was 1,230 grams that is less than
an average weight of the human brain.

8. A living brain is so soft you could cut it with a
table knife.

9. There are about 100,000 miles of blood vessels
in the brain.

10. The brain can live for 4 to 6 minutes without
oxygen, and then it begins to die. No oxygen for 5
to 10 minutes will result in permanent brain

Penny Harvest Field at Rockefeller Center

Every year New York City children from participating schools collect pennies from family, friends and neighbors. These pennies don’t make their way into piggy banks or Lincoln coin collections. Instead, the children put their pennies together and they’re literally trucked to the Penny Harvest Field, an enormous and specially designed penny-holding structure in Rockefeller Center.

It’s here where the children can see the massiveness of their collection and can better grasp how their combined efforts and hard work will pay off for charities they’ll later select.


The dam in northern Canada spans 2,800 feet and has likely been under beavers' construction since the mid-1970s.

  • A beaver dam in Canada's Wood Buffalo National Park spans about 2,800 feet.
  • Several generations of beavers have worked on the dam since the mid-1970s and it's still growing.
  • It surpasses a previous record-sized beaver dam in Montana.

A Canadian ecologist has discovered the world's largest beaver dam in a remote area of northern Alberta, an animal-made structure so large it is visible from space.
beaver dam
Researcher Jean Thie said Wednesday he used satellite imagery and Google Earth software to locate the dam, which is about 850 meters (2,800 feet) long on the southern edge of Wood Buffalo National Park.
Average beaver dams in Canada are 10 to 100 meters long, and only rarely do they reach 500 meters.
First discovered in October 2007, the gigantic dam is located in a virtually inaccessible part of the park south of Lac Claire, about 190 kilometers (120 miles) northeast of Fort McMurray.
Construction of the dam likely started in the mid-1970s, said Thie, who made his discovery quite by accident while tracking melting permafrost in Canada's far north.
"Several generations of beavers worked on it and it's still growing," he said.


This technology is scary!!!!!
Check the link above.  I was shocked to find my location on earth so very easily!  Its
really unbelievable.  I was surprised to know such technology exists.
It does not need a tom tom.  It uses your IPS address and finds the exact location
of  any Internet user in seconds.  They have used a sophisticated time based
algorithm to do so.  Try it and find your own location on the earth.  It takes about
10 seconds 

कलयुगी कुंभकरणः अप्रैल में सोई जून में जागी

लंबे समय तक सोने की बात सामने आते ही हमारे जेहन में प्रसिद्घ हिंदू धर्म ग्रंथ 'रामायण' के एक पात्र कुंभकरण का नाम आता है। लेकिन हममे से ‌शायद ही किसी ने कुंभकरण को देखा होगा। इंग्लैंड की 15 वर्षीय स्टैसी कॉमरफोर्ड की अप्रैल में आंख लग गई थी, जो अब पिछले सप्ताह खुली है। लगातार दो महीने तक सोते रहने की वजह से स्टैसी की परीक्षा छूट गई और वह अपना जन्मदिन नहीं मना सकी। 
Girl nods off in April wakes up in June 
क्यूं सोई रह गई स्टैसी कौमरफोर्ड

The Killer Plants

Top 10 Things You Can’t Know

No-one can truly be a know-it-all, because quite frankly, we are not allowed to know everything. And the government makes sure of it; this is done via a series of secrecy and privacy laws which tend to differ from country to country, but largely remain the same. Of course it is our right as citizens to know as much as we can, to keep those government blinds slanted open by all means necessary (such as via the Freedom of Information Act – a.k.a. the best friend of any journalist stuck on the local government beat). While that may be, there are certain bits of info that with be unarguably sealed off and “For Your Eyes Only.” Here are ten of those best kept secrets.
Trade Secrets
Secret: Trade Secrets
This is a very necessary legal provision. After all, healthy competition is fundamental to a capitalistic society and making sure companies keep locked up what exactly gives them a leg up ensures that the market isn’t flooded with cheap imitators. In that way, monopolies are also guaranteed. For instance, if anyone ever managed to ascertain Coca Cola’s secret formula, Coca Cola would no longer be the #1 cola in the world, as you could just make it at at home in your bathtub for much less (although with possibly more floating hairs and bits of soap scum). Everything Coke has worked for from the ground up to accomplish in the last hundred plus years would have been unrightfully negated. These laws preserve integrity as much as they might be less in favor of the common man.

Is Rupert the world's mightiest moggy?

Is Rupert the world's mightiest moggy? Mammoth cat weighs in at 20lb... and he's still growing

At three times the size of the average cat, most would think giant pet Rupert has done enough growing for now.
But the super-sized feline, who at 20lbs (9kg) could claim to be one of the world's biggest cats, is only half grown and set to gain more weight.
The giant breed Maine coon is only half its possible size at nearly three years old, and is expected to put on another 11lbs.
Larger than life: Natalie Chettle holds her mother's giant cat Rupert over her headLarger than life: Natalie Chettle holds her mother's giant cat Rupert over her head

Coca-Cola and the Movies [infographic]

This infographic shows that Coca-cola has been present in blockbuster movies for quite a long time. In fact, as the budgets for movies have grown, so have the frequency of it’s presence in Hollywood. Going all the way back to King Kong, Coca-cola has been king of the product placement game, beating out Apple and Toyota in influence over the movie industry.


1. The Longest Song in the World

6 Incredible and Most Unique Musical Achievements
The longest song in the world started playing on December 31, 1999 and will stop in December 31, 2999. That is 1000year of listening to the same song without repetition. It was composed by former Pogue, Jem Finer, for Tibetan Singing Bowls.
Here are 1000 seconds of the song: VIMEO

11 Utterly Bizarre Animal Mating Rituals


When it comes to getting it on, no animal is as close to humans as the bonobo. These fascinating apes are the only other animals that enjoy having sex face-to-face and with French kissing. Of course, that's not the only interesting thing about their sex lives. Bonobos have built their entire society on sex, to the point where they make ancient Romans look like prudes. 
That's because rather than fighting, bonobos turn to sex as a way of dealing with disputes. It's also used as a greeting, as a way to apologize, as a way to ask for some extra food and more. And sex isn't just limited to mounting animals of the opposite gender – masturbation, mutual masturbation and homosexual romps are all encouraged by these frisky critters. In fact, the only thing that seems off limits is for a mother to engage in sexual activities with her son – hey, you've got to draw the line somewhere.


Same angle, same tree, same brooch, same necklace. Just a Diamond Jubilee apart. Congratulations on 60 years of being a Queen and 64 years of marriage.

The Lone Dancer

Most Beautiful Mountain Dancers

ऐसे होता है राष्‍ट्रपति चुनाव

Splendid Beauty of Rivers !

splendid beauty of rivers 5 Splendid Beauty of Rivers (25 images)


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