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11 Most Unusual Churches

Church of Las Lajas (1949), Colombia.

Hallgrimskyrkja (1986), Reykjavik, Iceland.

Chapel of the Crown of Thorns (1980), Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

Rock Church (1969), Helsinki, Finland.

San Miguel del Fai (10th century), Catalonia, Spain.

Holy Trinity Church (2004), Waterloo, Antarctica.

Meteors (XIV century), Thessaly, Greece.

Saint-Jean (XII century), wiping-sur-Dron, France.

Basilica of St. Pius X (1958), Lourdes, France.

Temple of the Holy Family (1882-present. Time), Barcelona, ​​Spain.

Borgund Stave Church (1180 - 1250), Laerdal, Norway.

Body Painting

Chess Portraits - Francesco Ridolfi Photos

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