Creepy Microscope Close-Ups

Creepy Microscope Close-Ups

Bat Embryos 

Women in Saudi Arabia are now permitted to drive for the first time

Women in Saudi Arabia are now permitted to drive for the first time

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Sagarmatha - Nepal

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The History of Golf

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Venice in Dubai- Amazing

Venice in Dubai- Amazing 

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Some Unknown Facts About Animals

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Yesterday, I lived bewildered, In illusion. But now I am awake, Flawless and serene, Beyond the world. From my light The body and the world arise. So all things are mine, Or nothing is.
- Ashtavakra Gita

A person getting enlightened is like the moon reflecting in the water. The moon does not get wet, the water is not disturbed. Though it is a great expanse of light, it reflects in a little bit of water; the whole moon and the whole sky reflect even in the dew on the grass; they reflect even in a single drop of water. Enlightenment not disturbing the person is like the moon not piercing the water. A person not obstructing enlightenment is like the dewdrop not obstructing the heavens.
- Dogen, "Flowers Fall"

Indian Handicrafts

Radha Krishna on a Swing - Wall Hanging


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स्कूल के सामने कोई बोम्ब

क्लास में मैडम पढ़ाने के मूड़ में नहीं थी,तो मैडम के दिमाग में एक प्रश्न आया और बच्चों से पूछने लगी।

मैडम: "अगर तुम्हारे स्कूल के सामने कोई बोम्ब रख दे तो तुम क्या करोगे?"

पप्पू: "एक, दो मिनट देखेंगे अगर कोई ले जाता है तो ठीक है, नहीं तो स्टाफरूम में रख देंगे।"

Religious Thought 077

Indeed, I am neither bound nor free. An end to illusion! It is all groundless. For the whole of creation, Though it rests in me, Is without foundation.
- Ashtavakra Gita 2:18

Worldly afflictions are as extensive as an ocean, noisy and clamorous; but they all arise from the thoughts in your own mind. When not a single thought is conceived, you are liberated from them all.
- Ta-t
Yet I realized that my only hope of attaining eternal bliss was by detaching myself from all worldly desires, and by honouring God in every aspect of my life. I knew that I had to leave the mansion of deception, and set out with all vigour towards the house of God. I had to turn away from wealth and position, and flee from all the worldly obligations that consumed my time.
- Ghazali, "al-Munqidh min ad-Dalal"

May we speak tenderly to each other amidst all the rush of the season and transform the shopping days till Christmas into the true Advent of Christ.
- Casely Essamuah

A Jew can be Jewish with God, against God, but not without God.
- Elie Wiesel

Each penitent thought is a voice of God.
- Baal Shem Tov

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