World’s Highest And Longest Tunnel to Tunnel Suspension Bridge

The world’s highest and longest tunnel-to-tunnel suspension bridge was opened to traffic recently in China.  The bridge, named the Aizhai Extra Large Suspension Bridge, will link together two tunnels 1,176 meters ( 3,858 ft. ) apart, and 355 meters ( 1,102 ft. ) above Hunan's Dehang Canyon. It connects two traffic tunnels in the mountains, cutting the time needed to traverse the canyon beyond it from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

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Unusual Rocks Around The World

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Religious Thought 35

The Lord of Love is the one Self of all. He is detached work, spiritual wisdom, And immortality. Realize the Self Hidden in the heart, and cut asunder The knot of ignorance here and now.
- Mundaka Upanishad

Cut through five, let go of five, & develop five about all. A monk gone past five attachments is said to have crossed the flood. Practice jhana, monk, and don't be heedless. Don't take your mind roaming in sensual strands. Don't swallow--heedless-- the ball of iron aflame. Don't burn & complain: 'This is pain.'
- Dhammpada, 25, translated by Thanissaro Bhikkhu.

Renunciation of the world is followed by peace; its desire brings sorrow. Restrain your desires, discipline your self, and do not allow anyone to oppress your soul.
- Rabi'a, "Rabi'a the Mystic"

The will of God will never take you to where the grace of God will not protect you. To gain that which is worth having, it may be necessary to lose everything else.
- Bernadette Devlin

Desires must be purified and idealized, not exterminated.
- Rav Eliyahu of Vilna (The Vilma Gaon)

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Australia’s Remote Slot Canyons
Just a few hours’ drive west of Sydney, Australia’s rugged Blue Mountain region is home to hundreds of slot canyons – deep fissures created by the erosive effects of water rushing through sandstone. Veteran guide John Robens (far left) leads a soggy team through a moss-covered passage in Claustral Canyon, so named for its claustrophobia-inducing passages. 

Religious Thought 34

The birth and dissolution of the cosmos itself take place in me. There is nothing that exists separate from me, Arjuna. The entire universe is suspended from me as my necklace of jewels.
- Bhagavad Gita 7:6-7

Having applied himself to what was not his own task, and not having applied himself to what was, having disregarded the goal to grasp at what he held dear, he now envies those who kept after themselves, took themselves to task.
- Dhammapada, 16, translated by Thanissaro Bhikkhu.

The most secure place to hide a treasure of gold is in some desolate, unoticed place. Why would anyone hide treasure in plain sight? And so it is said, "Joy is hidden beneath sorrow."
- Rumi

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound That saved a wretch like me! I once was lost, but now am found; Was blind, but now I see.
- John Newton, "Amazing Grace"

People's good deeds are used by the Eternal as seeds for planting trees in the Garden of Eden: thus, each of us creates our own Paradise.
- Rabbi Dov Baer, the Maggid of Mezeritz

1915: Men Vs. Giant Redwood Trees

They're lumberjacks and they're OK! The magical photos that show brave men who felled California redwoods by HAND

Dramatic photos show the measure of a man in contrast to the enormity of nature. 
A series of photos from the Humboldt State University Library capture lumberjacks working among the redwoods in Humboldt County, California.
The photos are part of the Ericson Collection, a series of pictures from northwest California from the 1880s through the 1920s by Swedish photographer A.W. Ericson. 
Pictures from the 1915-era display the work of loggers in the densely forested northern California area, that accounts for twenty per cent of the state's total forest production.
Humboldt County has nearly 1,500,000 acres in public and private forests, including the Redwood National and State Parks.
 Among the Redwoods in California Lumberjacks working among the redwoods in California


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