20 Important Reasons to Switch to Google+

Google's answer to Facebook recently announced 100 million users. While that's still nowhere near Facebook's 800 million, it clearly has a lot to offer its users- especially those who use other Google services. The jury on Google+ remains out, but in this infographic tells the important  twenty reasons to switch to it. 

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Overview of Health Insurance

Health insurance is a hotly debated topic in this year’s presidential elections. Obama-care has some citizens fuming over the possibility universal healthcare. But before I go preaching about my thoughts on Obama-care, we should get a full grasp of what health insurance entails for a buyer.
Today’s infographic gives a thorough explanation of how the health insurance industry works. One thing for sure, the health insurance industry is a booming business, the typical 22-year old will pay $4,000,000 for health care and insurance in his or her lifetime.
I personally don’t really know too much about insurance, I do however, worry about how I’m gonna get it once I graduate and become an adult. Today’s infographic is a useful tool to familiarize yourself about the logistics of health care and health insurance. So study up so you can responsibly select an insurance plan that is right for you. [via]

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10 Ice Cream Flavours

Of course, we all have our own personal favourites, but what, as a whole, are the top 10 ice cream flavours?

1. Vanilla
Vanilla ice cream is a very popular ice cream flavour. In fact, it is considered the worlds most popular ice cream. I don't mind it, but I think that there are nicer flavours. My mum on the other-hand loves vanilla ice cream. Each to their own I suppose. :)


Monsterpalooza (54)
Monsterpalooza Exhibition, Monsterpalooza is a convention every year for fans of horror films. Monsterpalooza held in Burbank, CA. on April, 15, 2012. Exhibition for the cinematic personalization, make-up artists and sculptors, just where you can not just stare at the ready-made monsters, and the process of their creation, but also buy materials or ready-made kits.

Manhattan of the Desert: Shibam

The city of Shibam, located in the central-western area of Hadhramaut Governorate, in the Ramlat al-Sab`atayn desert, is best known for its towering mudbrick skyscrapers. This small town of 7000 is packed with around 500 mud houses standing between 5 and 11 stories tall and reaching 100 feet high, all constructed entirely of mud bricks. The bizarre skyline that the high rise buildings bestow upon the city has earned Shibam the moniker "Manhattan of the Desert."
Shibam is often called "the oldest skyscraper city in the world" and is one of the oldest and best examples of urban planning based on the principle of vertical construction. Its plan is trapezoidal, almost rectangular; and it is enclosed by earthen walls within which a block of dwellings, also built from earth, have been laid out on an orthogonal grid. Shibam was founded in the 3rd century AD, but most of the houses you see here dates only to the 16th century, following a devastating flood of which Shibam was the victim in 1532-33. However, some older houses and large buildings still remain from the first centuries of Islam, such as the Friday Mosque, built in 904, and the castle, built in 1220.

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World championship sand sculpture event

Every year a world championships sand sculpting event is held at Washington State, bringing in some of the best sculpting talent on the planet. Artists compete for the title in three categories: solo, duet and team.


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