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Some Unseen Google Logos

Google Logos You Probably Haven't Seen..

Everybody who logs onto the internet has used Google before. In fact, you might have even reached this post from a Google search result. What you might not know is, Google shows different logos for holidays and events in different countries. Here are some of the most popular ones selected.


Photographs Of Disappearing Day

Most Unusual Websites sends your message to the afterlife 

Greece Meteora Valley

 Meteora, "air" means. It was also significantly higher monasteries. Pindus Mountains is 549-meter-high summit of Greece who look at the valley of the river in the center of the city of Volos in Thessaly. Until the 1920s, visitors, or 30.5 meters already installed on this hillside dangerous stairs (up they retracted in the event of an invasion) or on a net and rope are forced exit fled when up. Describing the rope, but whenever you become the subject of a joke between the public had come now.

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