Albert Einstein’s 10 Best Quotes

Albert Einstein’s 10 Best Quotes

Albert Einstein is man of great wisdom. Unfortunately his final words before his death were in German and the only person within earshot, his nurse, spoke only English and did not understand anything he said. Though we’ll never know his parting words, here is a list of the top ten memorable quotes from him.


Baat Aisi Ho Ke Jazbaat Kam Na Ho

Baat Aisi Ho Ke Jazbaat Kam Na Ho
Khayalat Aise Ho Ke Kabhi Gam Na Ho
Dil Ke Kone Me Itni Si Jagaha Rakhna
Ke Khali Khali Sa Lage Jab Hum Na Ho !!

Bahut Door Hai Humare Ghar Se
Tumhare Ghar Ka Kinara
Par Hum Hawaa Ke Har Jhonke Se Puchh Lete Hain
Kya Haal Hai Tumhara !!

Chand Ke Leye Sitare Ek Hai 
Sitaron Ke Leye Chand Ek Hai 
Aapko Chahne Wale Hazaar Honge 
Hamare Liye Aap Ek Hain !! 

Mana Ye Waqt Hume Yaad Karne Wala Nahi
Par Bewaqt Hume Yaad Kar Liya Karo
Mana Aapke Aas Pas Sari Duniya
Hamari Kami Ka Bhi Ehsas Kar Liya Karo !!

Aapki Yaado Ki Mehak In Hawaon Me Hai
Kuch Apnapan Sa In Fizao Mein Hai
Khushiya Chume Aapke Kadam Hardam
Yehi Sapna In Nigaho Me Hai !!

Ek Shabd Me Kya Tarif Karu Aapki
Aap Shabdo Me Kaha Bandh Paoge
Bas Itna Janlo Ki Jab Bhi Baat Chalegi Dosti Ki 
Meri Aankho Me Aap Hi Nazar Aaoge

Sooni Zindagi Me Hulchul Mahesus Hui 
Bejan Dil Ki Aaj Dhadkan Mahesus Hui 
Jane Kyun Aaj Aisa Laga Shayad Aapke 
Pyar Ki Kami Mahesus Hui !!

Dur Nigaho Se Bar Bar Jaya Na Karo
Dil Ko Is Kadar Tadpaya Na Karo
Tum Bin Ek Pal Bhi Ji Na Sakenge Hum
Ye Ehsas Bar Bar Dilaya Na Karo !!

Aansuo Me Na Dhundo Hume
Hum Dil Me Bus Jayenge 
Tamanna Ho Agar Milne Ki
To Band Aakhon Me Bhi Nazar Aayenge !!

Saath Rehate Rehate Yuhi Waqt Gujar Jayega
Dur Hone Ke Bad Kaun Kise Yaad Aayega
Jeelo Ye Pal Jab Hum Saath Hai
Kal Ka Kya Pata Waqt Kahan Le Jayega !!

Gam Ki Aahat Bhi Na Aaye Tere Dar Par
Pyaar Ke Samandar Ka Tu Bhi 1 Kinara Ho
Kabhi Bhul Se Jo Tapke Teri Ankh Se Moti
Thame Wo Jo Tujhe Sabse Pyara Ho !!

Ye Rat Itni Tanha Kyu Hoti Hai
Kismat Se Apni Sabko Shikayat Kyu Hoti Hai
Ajeeb Khel Khelti Hai Kismat Jise 
Hum Paa Ni Sakte Usi Mohbat Kyu Hoti Hai !!

Parwah Karo Uski Jo Aapki Parwah Kare
Jindgi Me Jo Kabhi Ruswa Na Kare
Jaan Banke Utar Jayo Uski Jaan Mein
Jaan Aap Par Jo Apni Jaan Kurban Ker De !!

Twelve Rules

Twelve Rules of 
Native American Philosophy
1. WHOLENESS. All things are interrelated. Everything in the universe is part of a single whole. Everything is connected in some way to everything else. It is only possible to understand something if we understand how it is connected to everything else.

2. CHANGE. Everything is in a state of constant change. One season falls upon the other. People are born, live, and die. All things change. There are two kinds of change. The coming together of things I and the coming apart of things. Both kinds of change are necessary and are always connected to each other.

3. CHANGE OCCURS IN CYCLES OR PATTERNS. They are not random or accidental. If we cannot see how a particular change is connected, it usually means that our standpoint is affecting our perception.

4. THE PHYSICAL WORLD IS REAL. THE SPIRITUAL WORLD IS REAL. They are two aspects of one reality. There are separate laws which govern
each. Breaking of a spiritual principle will affect the physical world and visa versa. A balanced life is one that honors both.


6. PEOPLE CAN ACQUIRE NEW GIFTS, BUT THEY MUST STRUGGLE TO DO SO. The process of developing new personal qualities may be called "true learning."
7. THERE ARE FOUR DIMENSIONS OF TRUE LEARNING. A person learns in a whole and balanced manner when the mental, spiritual, physical, and
emotional dimensions are involved in the process.

* the capacity to have and to respond to dreams, visions, ideals, spiritual teachings, goals and theories.
* the capacity to accept these as a reflection of our unknown or unrealized potential.
* the capacity to express these using symbols in speech, art or mathematics.
* the capacity to use this symbolic _expression towards action directed at making the possible a reality.


10. A PERSON MUST DECIDE TO DEVELOP THEIR OWN POTENTIAL. The path will always be there for those who decide to travel it.

11. ANY PERSON WHO SETS OUT ON A JOURNEY OF SELF-DEVELOPMENT WILL BE AIDED. Guides, teachers, and protectors will assist the traveler.

Stay Positive

 Stay  Positive

My  personal  belief  and opinion is that a positive mindset,
can be set  straight  by feeding it with pray .
Imagine a strong tall  tree and ask yourself  how long it took,
for it to be so strong and tall?.
Ask  yourself again how it all began, this is my view it all started,
as a seed and grew to be strong and tall because it was feed,
with water and sunlight...

Plant that seed  within yourself
I call that seed a positive mindsed and let it grow in your heart.
Then  you'll see positive results  what we all love to call success.
I've  set a goal  for myeslf  to remain positive no matter what.
I see brighter days.

Having a positive mindset is not easy as it seems
but if you invite God into your life  you will see all the puzzles,
of  hope and brighter days coming together.

I've  also discovered that problems and setback are all part of,
the journey...
The  key is how you react when they come along,
if i have a positive mindset and remember that God is by,
my side  I'll  always find a way to deal with them.

A Prayer
My Lord , remind me to love , to care , to be honest,
to have courage , to find wisdom , have faith  ,
to hope , to be kind , to be sharing , to maintain a smile,
to laugh more, to forgive and most all to not forget you are on
my side in good days and bad days.
Have a beautiful day

संता बन गया सर्वश्रैष्ठ वैज्ञानिक

संता को साल 2011 में सर्वश्रैष्ठ वैज्ञानिक का पुरस्कार मिला। संता ने उन नियमों की खोज की जिनकी खोज न्यूटन भी नहीं कर पाया था 

लाइन में लगने का नियमः यदि आप अपनी लाइन बदलकर दूसरी लाइन में आ जाते हैं तो आपको ऐसा लगेगा जैसे पहली लाइन ज्यादा तेज आगे बढ़ रही है।

रांग नंबर का नियमः जब आप गलत नंबर लगाते हैं तो कभी भी लाइनें व्यस्त नहीं मिलती।

वर्कशॉप का नियमः कोई भी गिरा हुआ औजार वहां जाकर छिपता हैं जहां ढूंढना मुश्किल हो।

नहाने का नियमः जब आप साबुन लगाते हैं फोन की घंटी तब ही बजती है।

मुठभेढ़ का नियमः किसी जाने पहचाने व्यक्ति से मिलने की संभावना तब सबसे ज्यादा प्रबल होती है जब आप ऐसे व्यक्ति के साथ होते हैं जिसके साथ आप दिखना नहीं चाहते।

Today's Reality

Today's Reality :
Big house but Small family.
More Degrees but less Common sense.
Advanced medicine but Poor health.
Touched Moon but Neighbours unknown.
High income but less peace of Mind.
High IQ but less Emotions.
Good knowledge but less Wisdom.
Lots of human beings but less Humanity..


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