religious thought 07

When help is rendered by weighing the receiver's need And not the donor's reward, its goodness grows greater than the sea.
- Tirukkural 103

Someone asked T'ou-tzu, "How is it when subject and object are both forgotten?"
T'ou-tzu said, "No such thing. Don't entertain such an understanding."

Give up what appears to be doubtful for what is certain. Truth brings peace of mind, and deception doubt.
- Hadith The Prophet Muhammad (SAW), as reported by Hasan bin 'Ali

No founder of any religion has dared to claim for himself one fraction of the assertions made by the Lord Jesus Christ about himself.
- Henry J. Heydt

When asked by his father, Joshua b. Levi, what he had seen in a trance, Joseph replied: "I saw a world upside down, the upper below and the lower above." Whereupon Joshua said: "You saw a well-ordered world!"
- Talmud: Pesahim, 50a

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