Aquarium Fish

Types of aquarium fish

There are many different types of aquarium fish, suitable for many different situations. The type of fish you choose to keep will depend upon how much money you want to spend, how much time you have for maintenance, and the size of your aquarium.

Goldfish and koi are some of the popular aquarium fish these days. They are very colorful, and there are some very fancy varieties available now. They do best in large aquariums, and they make excellent pond fish because they can tolerate lower temperatures than tropical fish. Ordinary goldfish tend to be inexpensive and require little upkeep, but koi and the fancier goldfish varieties are usually more expensive.
Moving animated angelfish swimming

Tropical fish come in many varieties. Some, such as guppies, tetras, danios, swordtails, and Mollies, are inexpensive and easy to care for. All of these species are community fish that get along well together, and guppies in particular are very easy to breed. Cichlids, on the other hand, are larger and more solitary-natured. They tend to be more expensive and require a larger aquarium. There are also many varieties of catfish and other scavengers that will help keep the aquarium clean.
Animated goldfish moving in fish bowl

Betas are very colorful, but also notoriously territorial. They are usually kept in a fishbowl or small aquarium, and they do best by themselves. Betas are very easy to care for though.
Saltwater fish have become much more popular in recent decades. The clownfish in particular has become remarkably ubiquitous, thanks in no small part to the movie Nemo. Saltwater fish come in many colorful varieties, but they are more expensive and require a lot more maintenance than most other aquarium fish varieties.
Little pink fish swimming back and forth, side to side
big fish eating little fish

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