Mudras For Healthy LIVING

MUDRAS for Healthy Living... 
Practice this Mudra's atleast 3 to 5 Min 
Every day for lifetime Diseases free.
Note: For Illustration, we put both hands closer,
But in practice no need to put your hands closer.

Akash Mudra : For Ear problems 

   Dhyan Mudra : For Concentration power, 
  Free from Depression, and for all 
  Mind related problems

 Hraday Mudra: For Asthma, and 
  Respiration related diseases

Jal Mudra : This is for Blood purifier 
And all skin diseases. 
Ling MudraHeadache, Fever etc.
Pachan Mudra: Do only after taking food.
It is for Digestive system.
Pran mudra: Eye problems, Nervous problems
 And it also charge all parts of the body.
Prithvi Mudra: For peace of mind, 
Body active etc. 
Surya Mudra: Cholesterol  etc.
Vayu Mudra: For joint pains, 
Stomach problems etc.

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