Interesting Q & A

Here is the list of funny Qs & As
Q: What did the ground say to the earthquake? A: You crack me up!

Q: Why did the music teacher need a ladder?A: To reach the high notes.

Q: What kind of plates do they use on Venus?A: Flying saucers!

Q: Why did nose not want to go to school?A: He was tired of getting picked on!

Q: What did the pen say to the pencil?A: So, what's your point!

Q: Why did the kid study in the airplane? A: Because he wanted a higher education!

Q: How did the music teacher get locked in the classroom?A: His keys were inside the piano!

Q: What did you learn in school today?A: Not enough, I have to go back tomorrow!

Q: What holds the sun up in the sky?A: Sunbeam

Q: What did the pencil sharpener say to the pencil? A: Stop going in circles and get to the point!

Q: How does the barber cut the moon's hair?A: E-clipse it!

Q: What happened when the wheel was invented?A: It caused a revolution!

Q: What is the world's tallest building?A: The library because it has the most stories.

Q: What vegetables to librarians like?A: Quiet peas.

Q: Why didn't the sun go to college?A: Because it already had a million degrees!

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