Religious Thought 083

The true seeker feels no elation, Even in that exalted state Which Indra and all the gods Unhappily long for. He understands the nature of things. His heart is not smudged By right or wrong, As the sky is not smudged by smoke.
- Ashtavakra Gita 4: 2-3

From this point on you really know. This is called the pinnacle of Zen, the sovereignty of Zen. It is also called knowledge of what is knowable; it produces all the various states of meditation, and anoints the heads of all spiritual princes. In all fields of form, sound, fragrance, flavor, feeling, and phenomena, you realize complete perfect enlightenment. Inside and outside are in complete communion, without any obstruction at all.
- Pai-chang, "The Sphere of the Enlightened"

"Should I tether my camel or trust in God alone?" a man asked the Prophet. "First tether your camel, then trust in God," the Prophet replied.
- Qushayri, "al-Risalat al-Qushayriyya"

[T]he biggest challenge that any of us will ever have: to really get up in the morning and say, "OK God, what can I do to help somebody else today, how can I be a blessing to somebody else?"
Joyce Meyer

He who asks mercy for another while he himself is in the same need, will be answered first.
- Talmud: Baba Kamma, 92a

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