Religious Thought 080

As the web issues out of the spider And is withdrawn, as plants sprout from the earth, As hair grows from the body, even so, The sages say, this universe springs from The deathless Self, the source of life. The deathless Self meditated upon Himself and projected the universe As evolutionary energy. From this energy developed life, mind, The elements, and the world of karma, Which is enchained by cause and effect.
- Mundaka Upanishad

Don't be afraid of doing good. It's another name for happiness, for all that is dear and delightful--this phrase "doing good." Whoever would live well, Long lasting, bringing bliss-- Let him be generous, be calm, And cultivate the doing of good. By practicing these three, These three bliss-bringing things, The wise one lives without regret His world infused with happiness.
- Itivuttaka Sutta

When temptation claims your reason, know that misfortune is about to strike. Fall down prostrate and begin to pray. With flowing tears implore the Lord that He may deliver you from the throes of doubt.
- Rumi

Humanity, potential with God, all great knowledge is this, for a man to know that he himself by himself is nothing; and that, whenever he is, he is from God and on account of God.
- Augustine of Hippo

Shaming another in public is like shedding blood.
- Talmud: Bab Metzia

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