Positions Of Love- Lana Sutra By Erik Ravelo

Language, culture, place, values and tradition; they all create a separation which we call differences or diversity. Erik Ravelo is a Cuban artist at Fabrica who has viewed those differences as the palette to break down and dissolve those differences. In his latest work, Lana Sutra, with United Colors of Benetton, his experiences concerning diversity shaped and unified the convergence on diversity, love.
“I believe that Lana Sutra really talks about coexistence, about living together. It is about interaction among cultures and people of different races and faiths. It’s an ode; a homage to hybridization.”
Lana Sutra is a series of 15 installations conceived as a homage to love dedicated to the desire for an equal and sharing society. Derived from ‘Lana’, Italian and Spanish for wool and ‘sutra’, which means a thread which unites, this concept begins to unfold very natural and compelling visuals. Ravelo utilizes real models to articulate the different positions of love using plaster to capture the forms.
Each installation is composed of two plaster sculptures: two bodies embracing covered in wool threads in various colors, chosen from the tonalities of the Fall-Winter collection currently available at your local United Colors of Benetton store. Provocatively and artistically, Erik Ravelo decides to show us the two points where the entities meet where the colors would merge into one another.
The intersection of differences creates one shared point, new colour, binding emotion and moment. This is yet another way to symbolize how love can cancel differences and bind humanity as one.

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