10 Battle of Wild Life.

10 Battle of Wild Life

Nature is not like buttercups flowers, but birds singing! Nature - this is a daily struggle for survival every minute. In order to survive, animals must be prepared to fight every second of your life. Moreover, if the enemy - menacing and dangerous. I
10Bear vs. Tiger
This amazing fight a bear with a tiger in the Tiger Reserve took place in Rajasthan. Bear attacked the first tiger to protect her cubs.
09. Lion against the lionesses.
Photo was taken by photographer Steve Bloom, but he, unfortunately, was unable to shed light on the cause of the massacre enraged lioness.
08. Eagle Against Fox
Sly fox tried to snitch an eagle meat, for which he paid. Interestingly, she liked to fly?
07. Against zebra zebra
Surprisingly, but in herbivores occur hassle. Photo was taken in Tanzania, during a struggle between two males, zebras for supremacy in the pack.
06. Zebra against a lion
In order to survive in Tanzania, you either have strong legs, or sharp teeth. It is interesting that prevailed in the grip - the legs or all of the same teeth?
05. Wolf vs. Bear
Yes, a bear, of course, is in a different weight class, but why not compete with him, especially since winning favor deer carcass?
04. Crocodile against the behemoths
Crocodile inadvertently got into a herd of hippos, and realized how much was wrong. And if I did not know that hippos - a terrible force?
03. Hippo against the lionesses
Group lionesses evidently decided to eat fresh behemoth. And it looks like they have all turned out.
02. Elephant vs. Crocodile
It seems that this was a cartoon. On why the elephant's trunk so long. And that's why!
01. The lions, bulls and crocodiles

Lions and crocodiles pretend to bulls. How do they share?

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