Talking To The Lord

Talking  to the Lord
I   live  through  the day and do my daily  chores
I  kneel  by my bed  at night  and talk  to the Lord
I  thank  Him for the sunshine  and the friendly  smile
I   share with Him a  list I have  mentally  compiled
I  tell  Him  of the goodness  others  have  shown to me
I  ask  Him to look  after  them  and their families.
I   tell  Him  about those who are in need  of help
I  tell  Him  I  will  look  for the  best in those i meet
Whether  i  meet  them on the net or in church or upon the street
I  tell Him  i will  try to be  more  mild  and  meek
I   will  try to love my enemy and turn the other cheek
I   tell  Him  where  I might gone  astray
I   promise  Him  that I will  mend  my  ways
I   tell  Him  of the troubles  on earth down here below
But  most  of  all  I tell  Him,
How Much  I Love Him So

Have A  Beautiful  Day

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