Gifts From Above

Gifts From Above

Each  of  us have received  gifts
Some are more precious than others,
But  the  most precious.. are those yhat we love,

For they touch our lives for a moment,
stealing a part of our heart,
Our  souls,Our minds.
And  leaving in their place memories of that,
special  smile a wink, a touch and the loving,
memory  stays with us...forever!

These Gifts are Never  forgotten,
and come to us when ever we choose
We can close our eyes... and they are there
We can eat a certian food...and they are there
We can see a friend... and they are there
What precious Gifts we have been given
to enjoy
no matter the length of time
whether it a day.. a week
  months.. or the greatest blessing of years
Once love of these Gifts are felt
they are forever.. and always
with us. 

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